Wanted- looking for lease audi, bmw, m-b, vw,

looking to get into one of these cars, im very new here and never had a lease before so i dont really know what to expect and whats typically the best brand to lease from.

looking to get a more entry-level vehicle
im not in a hurry to trying to get a head of the game
I like more sporty models and would prefer awd, that being said i interested in good deals so if there is another good car thats leasing amazing right now, i would be open to hearing about it.

thanks gents

I mean, just read through the latest deals in the forum to see what’s hot right now. Put a little effort in first :+1:

Also, the marketplace is generally for posting deals and swaps, not first timer questions. I’ve moved your post to Ask the Hackrs

Figure out what your budget is, determine the cars that interest you and from there you can figure out where the better deal may be.

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If you’re “very new here” and didn’t take the time to read up on all of the topics and posts about the myriad of brands you posted here, I would recommend a broker. We aren’t here to just do your work


Yeah you’re right.