Want to get into an i3 this week, how is September looking?

Does anyone have the numbers for 2016 i3 leases?
Living in SoCal, want to jump on the recently reauthorized 2500 rebate.

Is it possible to find a killer deal with tech package?

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I also would like to pick one up also in SoCal

same here. team up…

I’m in SoCal and interested too. Any dealer still got them on their lot?

Looks like everywhere is sold out on 2016 i3 in the socal area

BMW Riverside may have one


It’s almost sold out so they won’t be doing deals.

santa monica has 5 left. mario is a nice sales guy. we love the car, but too small w/2 kids for us.

Do you mind sharing the numbers on your lease?

Where are you seeing that the 2500 rebate was reauthorized? I’ve been trying to confirm but can’t find anything.


Looks like budget was passed Aug 31st

Wonderful. Thank you

Hi Cartoman - we never got to dealing with numbers, just testdrove and saw they had 5 left

They currently have 2 in stock now and don’t seem to be willing to move too much. They’re also inflating their MF.

Did Santa Monica just get like 10 more in stock?


Check out Below Invoice on facebook. They have some pretty good lease deals and you can have the reps match most of the deals you see in this forum. I too am in the market for an i3. Let me know what you guys find- or we can all wait for the updated 2017 this fall.

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On that note, the 2017 MSRP doesn’t appear to be much different from the 2016 pricing - maybe it will be worth waiting for these the hit inventory and double the electric range?

Has anyone been able to find any deals on the 2016 i3? Santa Monica was offering $2k off MSRP and Center BMW was similar. Back in July, LA dealers were doing more like $5k off. Has anyone found anything better?

FWIW, I have an August number from 8/27/16. Southern California.

i3 REX Tera, parking package, 20"wheels, black, from south bay BMW

  • 3 year lease, in order to get the $2,500 back when it gets reauthorized… stoked that it did.

  • maximized refundable deposit, I think it was 7x

  • $280.73/month including tax. This number includes lease protection. See below.

  • $4,350 down payment

  • $45,250 agreed upon value at time of lease

  • $32,659.25 residual value at return

-$7,500 credit

I was at $222 / month before tax. I am new to leasing and did not know about lease protection. At the dealer I chose to get a lease end insurance package with $5k covered. When it was all done, $280.73 per month. The jury is out on whether that was the right thing. I will want to be more informed about it next lease!

Santa Monica and Bev Hills BMW seem to be the last remaining ones in stock but they’re holding on to the and not discounting under invoice anymore. They had even marked most of them as demo’s last month so they could pick up an extra $2000 from BMW on them. Their getting kind of greedy and just waiting for the right buyers to step up so they can make more $$$.