Wallpaper Paste Deal Review: 2019 Acura TLX Tech

First off, this site has been incredible in helping me cope with the angst that comes with leasing a car and returning it at the end of the term.

I was lucky enough to get a solid deal on a TLX in 2016 and now need to turn it in. After months of working with Acura and the dealership this is the best they can do on a 2019 TLX Tech w/ 200 miles on it:

MSRP $37,695
Selling Price $25,067

36 months @ $0 down with 10k miles per year: $375.07
Residual: $18,093.60

I sign the line that is dotted on Saturday. How bad/good of a deal is this? I’m in Tennessee, if that helps. For some reason the tag for “south” is not available in the selector.

The money factor did go up quite a bit since 2016, but the selling price came down a good bit too. I currently pay 317/month for a 36k mile lease, with the maintenance package included (I’m a moron for getting it, I know).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.