Wall Street Journal

WSJ thinks Maserati sales went up in Novemebr due to Trump and/or Wealth effect. Someone should tell them about 488 lease deals lol


Haha. Very true. Was rolls running 488 deals too though. That is a decent jump.

Rolls had a 1888 lease deal which is a bargain :slight_smile:

Meets the 1% rule lol

Wraith deal looks pretty good. I hope it was not like 10k down or more.

I guarantee that Wraith deal is with like 25-35k down…

EDIT found the car, terms (I was bang-on with my guesstimate):

48 month lease, 2,500 miles per year, $2.50 per mile overage. $35,000 down with Super Elite/Elite credit approval through Rolls-Royce Financial Services. Offers include $20,000 rebate from RRFS and excludes tax, tag, title and dealer fees. See dealer for details.

This is no Hackr deal that’s for sure…

2500 miles a year? And 35k down? Better to just buy it and finance it. Comes out the same. Do people actually go for those kinds of deals?

Yup, these are the norm at Newport Auto. Most of the cars (Bentleys, Rolls) in the showroom have stickers on the windshield that say $3,999/mo or $4,999/mo or $5,999/mo when you just walk around. They actually move the cars …

The pictures on Yelp doesn’t really capture the ridiculousness of this place. When I say “ridiculousness”, I mean AWESOME