Walking to dealership after agreeing on MSRP sale, What should I watch for now?

Dealer agreed on MSRP, and no add-on, and if everything looks good when I visit them today/tomorrow, I might buy the car. Are there any other tricks the dealer can play or things I should be aware of before signing? I just don’t want to waste my time and their time so just want to make sure it’s all good before I visit them. I will be paying in check for the car, no finance/lease.

You want to protect your investment don’t you?


What’s the mystery car in question?

What kind of check? Personal, certified, cashiers?

Are you literally walking there ? That would indicate a reluctance to say no to the deal if I were a salesman and think you are an easier target FWIW.

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In theory you should be fine but you can’t control if the dealer decides to pull a last minute trick. If their sales department has positive reviews that might give some peace of mind


If you are buying and paying cash you should make sure that you have a total “out the door” cost worked up that is broken down by sales price, taxes and fees. You should also determine if a bank or certified check is required to complete the transaction. That check should be written up for that total “out the door” amount and not a penny more.


Just get the deal written up (as in actually in writing) and even signed ahead of time if possible. I wouldnt waste my time going to the dealer (unless I was working with someone I knew and trusted from previous experience) without the arrangements already being set in stone. The ole story about going swimming in the ocean with sharks comes to mind…you are now in their territory.

Some dealers even do esigns as well (so perhaps ask them).

The time in the dealership is best spent to pick up keys and maybe socially chit chat if desired but not much more IMO…again unless you are friends with them from past experience. Its wonderful when that happens.

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Watchout for " Finance Guy" . They are the ones who will " gotch you ". Spend some money on a good magnifying glass so you can read the fine prints and all the numbers… Good Luck…

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Finance department is the only thing.

They are not willing to give OTD price but say there are no add ons.

Is this correct?
OTD price = MSRP + sales tax where I reside + DMV registration + doc fees of $100 max.

Sounds correct but if you’re walking in with cheque I would insist on an OTD.


Be ready to Walk away if you dont like the numbers.
Make sure they have Tax rates correct. You should know your Tax rate. Question any numbers you dont understand. Verify no add ons.

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:triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post: - If they can’t give you that info before going into the dealership be prepared to walk away.


I would never buy from a dealership that refuses to give an OTD price without me going in. That’s all but guaranteed that they are planning to pull some bullshit


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There should be no need to walk away since one shouldnt even walk in to start with.


You’re right. :grinning: I should have clarified that OP should be prepared to walk away from the deal itself.

:point_up: :point_up: @jogger - Care to share?

But he or she is a “jogger” . Sure he or she can take off in a minute. :laughing:

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Mystery car! :mage: :crystal_ball: