Waiting for April Incentives to be Announced is Like Waiting for Christmas

I’ve been spending way too much time lurking this site. I’m so fascinated by the deals, the community’s ability to help one another sniff them out, and learning about complexities and negotiations of leasing.

Anyone else restless, waiting to see what kind of promotions the new month will bring us from various manufacturers?

And for people in the car sales industry who are stepping up and making things happen for consumers, good for you!


No because I know Alfa will have bad leases still. Will be a pain waiting til December.

I’d grab a m235i, 535i, or c300 coupe if it’s hackr worthy.

Otherwise I have a rough wait ahead of me.

They’ll mostly carry over - they need to show a solid start to Q2

My assumption that Asian conquest will roll too - GM pushes for everysale under Barra.

I think you need a new hobby lol


lol. Pretty bad, huh? Actually, I need a new car, sometime within the next several months. I had never considered a lease, until recently. So learning about and following the game has been great fun. But now I’m ready for the next round of analysis and inquiries. Bring on April!

Thinking about just buying a 2014 M235i in estoril blue. Its got 20k and theyre asking $32,000. Premium package and nav as well. I’m probably gonna pull the trigger if they can do 30k.