[WA] Mercedes GLC 63

I’m in need of an SUV within the next 3-6 months and the wife and I have settled on the GLC 63.

Can I lease out of state or am I stuck with leasing in state (we seem to have terrible deals locally). Any leads on how to get a decently priced lease would be appreciated!

MSRP would probably be a target. I think it’s one of those buy would make more sense than lease situations, unless you’re writing it off. There were never really deals on them unlike the x3M

You can lease out of state, but good luck finding any 2022 GLC 63.

If you’re set on the GLC63, I’d start looking nationwide now for an inbound unit that’s not already spoken for. Also know that you may not have very many choices regarding options, and there’s going to be ADM, fees, transportation costs or some sorta fees to be tacked on.

Or find a broker/dealer with an allocation you can :raising_hand_man:

However it goes, let us know… need some updates on the MB front these days. Good luck!

Look at mkt place on this forum and search for MB, I am sure some broker can get you one ordered and shipped to WA. You need to account for Broker fee and shipping cost.

MB canceled nearly all AMG 63 models for MY2022, including the GLC 63.


Great catch! Shows you how much I keep up with MB :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks - will I have better luck with the GLC 43?

Given that MB isn’t producing any 63’s for '22, I would say yes :slightly_smiling_face: A 43 is still going to be a crappy lease though.

If you want a 63 you need to search nationwide as mentioned above, try Autotrader, cars.com, etc., there are still a few new 2021’s out there. See if you can find one at sticker and be prepared to ship it or drive it home.

Current GLC63 lessee here btw, I found mine last year in IL and drove it 800 miles back to NC.

That said, have you actually run the numbers to see what a lease would look like if you found one? A sticker deal on mine would have been $1,300+ monthly ($85k sticker), I love the truck but no way at that price point.

Since a ‘22 glc 63 won’t exist, yeah. These things are usually ugly tho.

Came to a GLC from a C43. Loved the performance exhaust on the C43 and was thinking GLC43 for the same thrills… but after driving one it just didn’t seem like it was worth the $400/mo premium over the GLC300. Have had the GLC300 with AMG packages for a year and a half and have no regrets other than not going to a GLE for more room. If you have kids, look at the GLE.

If you’re set on the GLC43 or 63, the lease will be ugly. You might to better just buying the best deal you can find on a used one. This market is bad and AMG leases just exacerbate that.

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