VW Tiguan SEL Premium AWD Lease Check


Hi, Looking for a lease check. Qouted deal is for $451/mo with $2000 DAS. I’m really confused by the quote because the calculator shows for is need down at signing and a lower monthly payment…what am I missing?

1. MSRP of the car you want: $39,239
2. Selling price of the car: $35,100
3. Gross cap cost of the car $36,175
4. Incentives: None given but Edmunds says $2,000…I’m guessing hiding this in selling price
5. Money Factor (MF): 0.00068 (matches Edmunds)
6. Residual (in %): 54%
7. Term of your lease (months): 36
8. Mileage allotment (7.5K/10K/12K/15K…etc): 12K

NY state

Your quoted dealer numbers are very close to the calc. And yes, the incentive is dealer cash so it goes as a reduction in selling price. They also don’t have to give you the full $2k. That being said, this is not a good deal.

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Thanks…so my only option is to get the selling price reduced?

And ask how much in dealer cash they are including. Check some recent posts, but SEL premiums just don’t lease great.

Yes, I was just reading some other posts…not looking good. They mentioned $1400 in incentives reduced the selling price.

I think the numbers aren’t adding up in the calculator because the dealer is rolling some of the taxes into the monthly payment to reduce the DAS amount a bit. Is there a negative to this approach?

It turns out taxes were getting rolled into the monthly payments. I asked for paying taxes up front and now the calculator matches the quote.

Get a better discount or even try to Lease a courtesy vehicle if the discount is better then the RV% hit.