VW Tiguan SEL Lease


Hello Hackrs,

I have a quote for a 2019 SEL Tiguan for 310 per month (including tax).
Selling Price of 26995 (MSRP 33785),
MF of 0.00068
Residual of 53%
Paying 0 down, but drive off includes acquisition fee (plus DMV and first month obvs).
I’m in Ca with sales tax of 9.5%
Edit: 10k miles / 36 months

Any assessment of the quality of this deal or tips of how to improve would be greatly appreciated
I owe you one.


Looks good. How much of incentives? 10k miles?

No incentives. 10k miles yes. 36 months.

I actually beat the quote down further to 290 a month inc. tax. Gonna see if it closes or if theres some magical hurdles which appear. Seemed too easy. I was under the impression VW’s don’t lease well.

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Hi! We’re you able to lock this in? Looking to get one as well and appreciate the dealer reference. Thanks!

Most of them don’t, but it seems like @rubbergash often posts great (lease) selling prices on Tiguans, even w/o a rebate.

I dunno, $290/mo (incl tax) seems pretty darn good to me…

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Yeah I locked it in and it was really quite easy to get that price working with the fleet manager at two dealerships. Been driving it for a week now. Great car. Really Great. 2019 drives much better than the 2018 since VW changed the transmission map.

Someone else contacted me looking for contact info at the two dealerships involved and they have also since locked in a great deal. I’ll send you the contacts in a private message later when not on mobile.

So passing power/merging are okay? My dad (who def doesn’t need much power) is strongly considering getting one this month, and I don’t want him to worry about merging on to the freeway and such.

Coming from a GTi is say it’s more than enough torque. The power is fine too really. There are things you can do to improve power. APR just cracked the latest ECU and will have a large 50hp boost soon. Or you can simply change to a kn filter for a small boost.

There are other ECU options that don’t involve permanently modding as well. They hijack into the existing ECU. Neuspeed and jb4 I think. But you need to then use premium fuel for them. I’d say though that power is totally fine for a vehicle this size.


Hello again. If no problem would greatly appreciate the SoCal contacts you mentioned. Hoping to get this car for my parent later this week. Thank you.

Just sent you PM

Hi, mind sharing dealer info with me as well please? Looking for that or Atlas soon. Thanks so much!

This is a great deal - trying to help friends get into a Tiguan here in GA - do you mind sharing your actual numbers / lease sheet. maybe through PM.

I have had so many people PM me asking for details of this and I have given those details to the first 5 or 6, but I can’t give them to everyone as I’m not sure those deals will stay good if everyone bombards the people involved with requests. Sorry.

@amatot I can give you more numbers if you’d like. What do you need?

" APR just cracked the latest ECU and will have a large 50hp boost soon. Or you can simply change to a kn filter for a small boost"
Can you explain this bit more? Thanks!

Does the dealer you leased your car has good deals for 2019 VW tiguan as well?

This was a 2019. Hence why I put 2019 Tiguan in original post.

Sorry I missed read it.
I have VWJetta lease return in December. Do you think I can ask for similar deals in one of the Bay Area VW dealers? Please provide pointers for negotiation if not contact.
Note: I might return my car before December If I find the better deal.
Thanks for your time!

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