Vw tiguan se. Good deal? Texas pricing

Msrp $32,574
Vehicle sale price is at $27,545 +ttl = $30,256.74

lease payment of $399.69 a month with only first months payment due at signing.

money factor is at .00100 and residual is 54%-$17,590.50

Should I bite?

36 months
12k miles per year
Vw tiguan se

Hey Hate sneezing,

It seems like your total payments for 36 months is around $14400 for the entire lease.
Comparing with the lease I just closed on a tiguan se in DC area my payments for the whole lease totalled around $12,000 for a 36/30 lease.
36k miles would have been slightly more, but here are my figures.

selling price + freight= 25,300 +acquisition +ttl+ processing of $3k @ signing brought me a monthly payment of $250 including 3 year vehicle maintenance service contract
My residual seems to be a little lower at 53% and same money factor.

Hope it helps!

What was your msrp?

What dealership?

My msrp was 32xxx and was in Stohlman VW VA with a MD 6% sales tax

You paid $3k at signing and your payments are $250. Wouldn’t that average your payments out to $333?..