VW Tiguan S AWD $269 10k 36 mths

2018 VW Tiguan S AWD. $269/month
I’m in the Buffalo NY area. I am having dealer pay $262 for my last month of CRV lease and $350 disposal fee.
Price includes tax (8.75%), fees, with the exception of $100 that I am paying for DMVV fees.
I negotiated over the phone and am going tonight to sign the papers.
I don’t have the details of residual and MF since I am most concerned about total cost.
I like the car and hope that I did ok.

**MSRP: $27100
Selling Price: $
**Monthly Payment: $269
**Down Payment: $100
**MSD: **

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 10k
**MF: **
**Residual: **

**Zip Code:14221
**Leasehackr Score: **
Pre-filled Calculator link:

Hi there, random question, would there be anyway for me to get an estimate of how much my monthly payment would be if I were to buy out my lease at the end of the lease term next February? It’s a VW Jetta 16 TSi base model, leased for 36 months, 10K a year for 280$ (Tax include) a month. Thanks.

Man they took you to the cleaners, my 2016 is $150/mo. It will be your residual plus however many payments are left next February. If you lease again post your deal on here before signing. The monthly payment would be whatever the payoff amount financed over whatever term at whatever rate, plus tax on the residual.

Not bad for a 27k MSRP. This is definitely not a case of “taken to the cleaners” and not even close. The thread for “worst leases you’ve seen” are examples of that.

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My comment is in response to the random post, not the Tiguan. Tiguan looks good. Especially with the payment and dispo rolled in.

Since you’re just looking for a monthly payment estimate, look at your contract, take the buyout amount and divide by the amount of months you plan on financing for. And keep in mind there will be interest.

Probably should have made it clear you were talking about the Jetta.

I just got back. We did the deal. Residual is 16,300. Funny story: finance manager tried to sell us Volkswagen insurance policy that he said would cover tires, brakes, dings everything for $13 per month. I asked to see it in writing and he shows me this contract that specifies brake pads and wiper blade type stuff only. Then he says it’s different in the website. So he brings that up and it has a different name and says “not allowed in New York State”. Which is where I live. He told me he would ask to see if they’d give it to me for free


You caught him on that one @Bbills

I’m not sure what I should do next about the slimy tactic.

Is the dealer in NY State or elsewhere?

Lockport NY, (Buffalo area) @cjcjcj

Definitely slimy if they’re in NY state and attempting to lie about a product that NY State excludes offering…

You should report them to VW USA, leave a copy of that on their Google Business reviews and file a complaint with the BBB. I think as you never accepted the coverage not much can be done from a legal perspective (I hope I’m wrong there), but that’s beyond slimy. That’s deliberate financial mis-selling.

And the NY Attorney General…

The plan he was trying to sell me is called term protection. But he orally was describing the benefits of lease-end protection. Which is far more thorough but not legal in my state. I’m very upset by this.

I called VW national. They called the dealer and national called me back to say dealer was sorry. Dealer offered lease protection warranty (still not what was described) for $200 - half price. But the docs they emailed me about this were erroneous.
Additionally, the car got a flat. My wife called and the dealer rep was rude to her.
Now the ac isn’t working…
What a fiasco!