VW Tiguan S 4motion w/3rd row & Remote Start & Driver Assistance package deal


I’ll take any advice I can get. Does this sound like a decent deal or do I have a room to do better? Thanks in advance

$28325 MSRP
No trade in
$24825 Sales price including 3.5k off MSRP
.00049 Money factor
39 months
10,000 miles per year
$14729 Residual (52%)
~$1,800 due at signing w/1st month included (fees and taxes)
7% NJ sales tax
$284 with tax per month with top tier credit.

Does it not sound a little high? was expecting to be in the $220-$230 range…

A portion of the discount is probably made up of dealer lease cash, post on Edmunds with your zip to see how much it is in your area.

NJ sales tax is now 6.625%. Discount seems low compared to what some dealer are offering on Autotrader

I also felt the discount seemed low. I can see SEs in the ~25k range.

I got a left over '18 SE 4 motion with remote start and 3rd row with just first for $288 with tax, 36mo 10k. This was back in January, so I’d say you could do better or wait. The S is fairly basic.

Thanks. the 2020 model comes out around January so yeah maybe wait a couple of months would do the trick.

Forgot to mention I used partner program too, that’s worth an extra $500