VW Tiguan S 2020 Deal Check

Hi. I got the MF, residual, cash incentive information from Edmunds. The calc does not match what the dealer is showing me on the attached offer.

Is the dealer giving me all the lease cash or am I not putting the lease cash in the right place in the calculator? How can I make these calculators match a bit closer?

Help?! Thanks.

IMG_0713 (1)|640x380

Numbers are too small to see.
Suggest you to type the numbers so that we can help.

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You are incorrectly counting the lease cash twice. It’s already included in the sales price.

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Ok, so the only way to get this lower like down to $201 month plus 9.5 tax is to have them take more off the sales price? Does it looks like I am getting the entire $1950 incentive and just paying the first month and tax, tag, doc, tire of $485? Thank you.

Sorry. The dealer is offering $228 a month plus tax. with $692 including first payment and tax, tag, doc, tire fees for a payment of $249.66 for 36/12.

If that deal is the first pencil, it’s a great start

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Hello, no he (son) has not. Today we got an email:

Hi Again! Revised payment on the 2020 Tiguan S:

36 months
12,000 miles per year
$694 from you total
$219.52 plus tax = $240.37

We took another $300 off the Cap Cost.

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To help us, can you provide the dealer sheet (not some 144p looking image, please!) or write out the numbers?

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LOL. That (linked above) is what they sent me 10 days ago and they wrote the notes.

MSRP 26285
Residual 52% or $13668.20
Term 36 months
MF .00034
Selling Price $21000
Rebate sign and drive $249.66 (first payment)
Total Cap Reduction 228.47
Capped fees $675 Acquisition Fee
Total taxes 809.54
Adj Cap Cost $21446.53
Lic/Reg Upfront $312
Upfront fees $123.75
Amount due at start $943.66 (inc first payment)
Cash collected $694.00
Working cash $943.66
First payment date 4/15/2020
Base Monthly Rent $228.00
Total monthly payment $249.66
Front End Gross $2752 - (losing $2752)

Today, they offered base monthly rent? $219.52 saying $300 off cap cost

My son currently leases a 2018 Tiguan S with 24m/12K terms for $201 including taxes (and he paid first pmt and TTT $6XX last time too) and he would like to get as close to $200 inc tax again (he is ok with 36 months).

Maybe the deals get better in May especially on a 24 month lease?

Your user name checks out for sure. If you are not in a hurry, like the stock market, the deals can only get better next month

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Ask about 24m residual?

I believe that Front End Gross is something that they are writing?

It seems you are getting 20% discount, but it seems like it might be better just to ride out the current lease. How many months left?

I haven’t seen any meaningful 24-mo leases from VW in awhile. Lately, while they have 36 & 39-mo, the latter has the better monthly payment.

If you’re holding out for $200/mo with taxes, you’re probably better off trying to get a lease extension on the 2018 Tiguan.

Lease ends June 20 I believe, and yes, they wrote that on the poor scan above in the first post.

Yes, I suggested that he request to extend, but that means tag renewal. We have some time, just less than 60 days to continue searching.

That’s a good deal - Just leased a SE model for my girlfriend it was 2k drive off and 300 month. Wanted the SEL but for some reason it leases like shit. The S is by far one of the best leases you can get right now for a great SUV.

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You might be able to extend all the way to 6 extra months (you’ll have to check with VW Credit). At that point the registration cost is amortized enough.

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