VW Lease turn in. Impressed

Turned in my 2017 VW GTI 2 months ago. I was told I would get a bill for the disposition fee and the inspection showed I needed 2 tires and that would be $300. Since that’s close to what two tires installed would actually cost, I just turned the car in, expecting a bill for $695.
2 months later I get the invoice from VW. The bill is for $484. The explanation says that my car sold at auction for more than the residual value and the additional value has been applied to my balance.

Also says
“Your account was assessed the lesser of the loss at auction amount or the total of excess wear and tear charges”


Yes that happens. Did you still have months left on the lease or you turned it on at the end?

I turned it in a little early. Didn’t need the car any longer but I had paid the final lease payment. It was also at 24k miles on a 36k lease

Maybe coulda sold to VROOM CARVANA etc since the selling price was >residual? Avoided dispo fee at least

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I checked around, was getting offered between $14 and $16k for the car. Not worth it.

What was the residual?

$16,041 and if I wanted to buy it, add 7% sales tax

If you had a $16k offer from carvana/something similar, you would have saved $450~

You don’t pay sales tax when a dealers like that buys it.

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