Vw lease experience

I’m thinking about leasing a 2018 tiguan SE from vw. I’ve heard bad stories about vw being extremely immaculate about their lease returns and over charging customers for simple less than 1/2 inch dings.

Has anyone ever returned a lease and would like to share. And also does anyone have a lease that they would like to share so I can kind of get an idea of numbers.


Have not as of yet but the no hassle lease return package (Not sure of the name) is only like $1k which covers tires as well which will pay for itself and can be rolled into your lease. IMHO

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I returned my 2015 passat back in March and leased 2018 Tiguan S 4Motion. The lease return is kinda easy. I had few scratches but nothing major and they took a look at the car and said you should be okay. I think you are going to lease another VW, they will cover up to $1,500 of repairs.

I am not sure about Tiguan SE numbers but my Tiguan S 4Motion (has fog lights and first aid package) is $215/month (including tax), 3 years 36,000 miles with $1,350 drive-off (first month included).

I hope it helps.

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When I returned my 2014 Jetta last January, I had a golf ball sized hole in my front bumper. I had the lease inspection done in my driveway where I stood with the inspector and showed him all the dings and everything. At the end of the inspection, he said he’s just going to pretend that he missed the bumper damage and I was only left with $100 tire replacement due to low tread and my overmileage fee. Currently I’m leasing a Passat R-Line for $250 a month with 15k miles a year for 39 months. My experience with my lease inspector was amazing. Hope this helps.

thats awesome! great deal on the passat too! thanks for sharing. i feel better now lol

I had an inspection recently on my Audi, I would assume they use the same company “AIM”? Anyways went fine, if they find something that would ding you you can take it to any shop to get it fixed before turn in.

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socal audi we use AIM