VW Lease Buyout Question

I’ve got 3 months left on my 2019 VW Tiguan SEL R-line lease. I already bought a new car and don’t need this vehicle. A local VW dealership (not the one I leased from) is offering me $4,500 cash to turn it in to them, and they’ll cover the rest of the payments. Is it worth trying to negotiate that number higher? I’m honestly satisfied with that amount, but I don’t want to leave money on the table either.

Note: I’ve been told I can’t do a 3rd party buyout, so after paying taxes on a buyout and selling to Vroom I’d only clear $2,600. Thats why I reached out to VW instead.

Any advice on maximizing my exit?

Thank you!

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It doesn’t hurt to negotiate with them, if all it takes is a question or two. But if you also decide to go down the road of getting other quotes, you have to ask yourself how much your time is worth.

dump it and move on w life.

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I believe Steve Miller said it best “take the money and run”. No haste, they’ll take care of it, you don’t have to buy it and do all that paperwork.

Whether you like to haggle or not, always get the highest bid from multiple sources.

Multiple VW and Audi franchises.
LH brokers who buy out leases through their respective franchises
Conglomerates that own franchises such as Autonation, Carshop, etc.

Did you give Equity Hackr a try? Only takes a few minutes and they send you a quote in about a day.