VW is this a good deal?

I am really interested in getting my own leasing deal and I have been reading these forums for a few days. I found this nearby me and I was wondering if people could let me know if they are a good deal or not?


At a glance they look like solid deals, but it’s worth noting that in the fine print there’s ~$3100 due at signing.

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If you can nego the processing fee etc then it looks like a good deal. Go there and get the numbers such as msrp and sales price

I posted the same in another VW thread. Ask for Trent Norris at Stohlman, VW New Car Sales Manager.

Thanks guys! I will try to get out to the dealership this week to see what numbers they offer!

Try to do it over the phone/email if possible (get them to email you a copy of any quotes given over the phone).

Once you get to the dealership, they have the upper hand and will try to make it an emotional decision to get you to sign on the spot.

It’s all up to you and how you handle negotiations, in the end. Be straightforward, tell them what you want (that means going in knowing what will work for you and being reasonable), get the numbers from them and tell them you will go home and give your answer later that day or next day. Good dealers will appreciate that and you don’t want to deal with bad ones anyway.

When I call, do I just ask for the quote and ask to remove all the unnecessary fees?

I asked for a quote on the all-in price, which would be your total monthly payment, and then ask them what the drive off amount would be. Be prepared to tell them what you would like the payment to be and what fees and taxes you would want to pay as signing.

Sorry, I am new to this but I can tell them what fees and taxes I “want” to pay? What if I dont want to pay any fees and taxes?

I am assuming the following fees are a must?


Don’t tell the dealer what you want to pay - they will always find a way to give you what you want, but at the price.
1 - negotiate sale price
2 - ask for all fees - dealer fee, acquisition, title/registration, tax.
3 - find out residual/MF here or on Edmunds
4 - calculate your monthly payments
5 - if you are happy with the numbers - tell the dealer the number you have and take the deal if the dealer gives you that deal; if not happy with the numbers you calculated - go back to step #1;

Ok thanks, that makes a lot more sense.

I called and he told me for both cars, it was around a $4000 upfront fee to get the monthly rates posted on the deal. He will send me a quote/break down. I will use that to send back the numbers that I want.

The Residual is 57% of MSRP based on a 10,000 mile per year lease. ​ What is due at signing is as follows:

$1000 down
$865 Freight
~1000 tax
$599 Doc Fee
$625 Acq fee
~66 registration
109 First months payment

Does not seem like a very good deal. I will try to break it down with what they sent me and send it back. Also, they added $1000 for tax. Is this normal? I thought the tax was paid on the monthly payments?

Never put any money down on a lease – you’ll lose it if the car is totaled. Obtaining only zero down quotes also makes it much easier to shop dealers against each other.

No, I said figure out what you would want to pay at signing. You could roll all of it into the lease as part of your monthly payment, but it would drastically increase that payment.

You should avoid putting any money as down payment for a lease, and the $865 freight is really strange… It’s usually part of the MSRP if I’m not mistaken.

The tax varies by state law. Check and see how your state handles tax on leases.

The doc fee seems really high, but I don’t know how easy it is to negotiate that. It’s capped at $199 by state law where I am, so I didn’t bother trying to negotiate it.

The acquisition fee is correct.

It’s up to you to decide how much of those you want to roll into the monthly lease payment.

Awesome thanks so much. Using your feedback, everything is making so much more sense. I am going to go back to them again to see how they can it better for me.

You pay 4% tax on the full sale price of the car in VA and ridiculous $599 dealer fee. You can try to knock of $300 off the sale price or off the dealer fee - you could go to MD where they charge $299.

No. VW and many others show it separately and you need to make sure the freight is included in any sales price.

What does that even mean? Tell the dealer what you want your all-in payment to be and that you want the doc fee and acq. fee rolled into the payments. They will either do it or not.

When I was looking for my car, I had no problems getting Chevy, Kia, and Toyota dealers to break down the sales price before mentioning leasing. But every VW dealer I contacted flat out refused to break down what part of their sale price was incentives and what part was their discount.

It means that you do not go and tell the dealer “I want to pay $250/mo for the Car X”. As I said - get the sale price first, and then go from there.