VW ID.4 lease, good deal? First lease ever

Re upload it

should be fixed now, wrote it out instead of jpeg

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779 a month is quite high. I think you should try to get more discount.

See if @DistrictCars will assist.

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Theres more meat on the bone, $1383 off MSRP isn’t the best deal out there. Keep shopping and/or get a broker quote.

The residual has nothing to do with the buyout on month 1. Its basically total cap cost plus sales tax

My lease was $502 on the same car 2022 before I bought it out. You should ask for at least 4k off MSRP and you are paying 4k more sticker for the 2023 and it’s the same car. I have peaked at 186kw on charging on my 2022 but the 2023 with SK battery has a better charging curve for sure.