VW ID 3 Launch Today

The ID 3 will launch with the 1st edition, powered by a mid-range 58kWh battery. The allocation, unspecified by VW, has already been filled in the UK. VW did say it had achieved its target of 35,000 pre-orders worldwide. The standard ID 3 order books will open next year, with deliveries in autumn.

They won’t start delivering until summer 2020, and won’t be available in the US initially. Looks more like an i3 than any other EV to me, even though it’s positioned against the Leaf. Looking forward to move good EV options, even if they aren’t available in the US yet.

Resembles an I3, but personally I think it’s far better looking. It’s styled correctly, in my mind.


Kind of boring, w/o the “solid” look for other boring VW designs.

Specs are very good, though. Wonder if the VW ID Crozz will simply be a lifted version of this?

I think it’s a low blow to compare it to i3…this is so much better looking. Too bad it won’t come to US…don’t know why you say “initially” when VW actually said they have no plans to bring it here. Too bad, i would have definitely tried to get this when my eGolf lease was up.

I doubt that very much. The concepts looked very different when i saw them a few years back.

Given how SUV-crazy Americans are, it makes sense that VW is prioritizing the ID Crozz for the US.

We are talking VW here, they don’t need to prioritize anything…they have the money and the resources to make this happen and sell both here. I do get they may be battery constrained this year but they made lots of moves in that regard and should have the capacity soon. They sell small gas cars in US already…why not do that with their ev and offer a little variety (2 models…lol).

That they won’t be selling past 2020. No next-gen Golf variants are confirmed for the US except for the GTI and the R.

What about the bug? :mosquito:


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Yeah, given how big VW is, well, in the rest of the known world, their US sales stink. And the Golf line, which seems clearly built to a higher fit-and-finish than the rest of their US models (save the Arteon, I guess), just probably doesn’t make sense here except for presumably higher-profit trims like the GTI and R?

Why not USA? How come it can’t get some market share out of Nissan Leaf?

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I say it would get market share out of Tesla primarily…at least until Y comes around. But let’s not forget that VW promised this car will be cheaper than the gas Golf…something Tesla won’t be able to touch.

Setting aside Dieselgate, and with no sarcasm, VW has proven they can’t be trusted on product announcements until it’s on the boat to dealers.

They have promised the Polo will 100% come to the US 2 or 3 times now - cancelled. They said they would bring the new Scirocco to the US and changed their mind. They have built how many microbus concepts since 2009 and said they were going to build them and then didn’t. There are many other examples with specifics and dates that went unfulfilled.

I agree with you it looks nice, and it’s nicer than the i3. My comparison was more in the spirit of “everything that is cool/unconventional” about the i3. Comparing this to the Leaf is an insult too. It’s an EV reimagination of the Golf platform, and I am here for it.

Two biggest obstacles to importing non-US models to US have historically been crash tests/safety and emissions. No issue with the latter on an EV.

Assume you saw this last week?

Yes…but that’s just a side hobby project. Honestly i’m not all that surprised it got canceled…i rarely see them on the streets.