VW GTI/GLI lease

Hi team,

Currently down to 4 months remaining on my commuter lease so wanted to start test driving some cars that were on my radar. Took a test drive in the GTI, loved it. Ask the salesman to work some numbers for me and he said GTI’s lease terrible and to come back to see him when I was ready. Fair enough as I don’t need the car today so wasn’t going to start wasting the guy’s time so I left. Went online and figured send some inquiries to a few dealers in the area regarding the GTI. I’ve received 2 quotes on the GTI but I could not get a straight answer on the selling price used to calculate the lease. Both dealers said “a few thousand” off MSRP.

MSRP - 27, 785
Selling Price - ???
MF - .00110
Residual 36/10k - 55%
Sales Tax - 6.875%

Dealer 1 - $1,635 due at signing, $345 tax included
Dealer 2 - $345 (first month) due at signing, $345 tax included

Bad deals indeed.

So I started looking at the GLI’s. Contacted the second dealer for a quote and he was more than happy to work with me since they had plenty of them in stock. Here are the details on GLI:

MSRP - 30,115
Selling Price - 25,100
VW Rebate - 1,000
VPP Voucher - 500
Cap Cost - 23,600
MF - .00026
Residual 36/10k - 54%
Sales Tax - 6.875%
$295 due at signing (first month), $295 tax included.

This definitely meets the 1% of MSRP rule but in the grand scheme of things we are still talking about almost $300/month lease on a JETTA.

How does this deal look to you guys? I’ve done some researching on previous GLI leases on this forum where some got 280/month with 280 at signing but residual were 55% and MF was at .00001. Should I wait another month and see if VW lowers MF and ups the rebate for November/December?

Are the GTI’s 2017’s?

They are getting refreshed for 2018 so I expect the selling price to be marked down significantly.

A quick check at national sales on TrueCar show a majority of people getting them for 18% off MSRP. TrueCar price is 16% off MSRP so I would def say you have some room left.

Yes both GTI and GLI is MY2017

I just looked around at Autobahn trims, 36k marked down to 30k online. That lease is 375. So if you are chasing a base S DSG I would shoot for 18% off.

Where you located?? There was a dealer that offered me almost 80 cheaper than your monthly

Isaac I’m in NJ, both quotes are from Jersey dealers.
I will try NY dealers as NJ dealers charge 400 doc fee vs NY’s $80.

Talk to @nyclife. He is a broker in this region. May save lots of painful time in exchange for his fee.

You’re pretty close to the N. Virginia/Maryland area where the prices are lower. This dealer has a pretty good rep: http://www.stohlman-vw.com/VehicleSearchResults?search=new&make=Volkswagen&sortCol=year&sortDir=asc

No idea of how their lease deals will be but their pricing is pretty good.

Wow those prices are great indeed. Will contact them to see how their leases rate compared to NY/NJ. Thank you good sir.

Glad to help. Here’s a list on Cars.com with lowest pricing first and pretty much all are from the VA/MD area. Stohlman has good rep like I said. King VW is hit or miss. Sheehy usually miss but can get decent deal.

Also this dealer has pretty good reputation: https://www.lindsayvolkswagen.com/new-vehicles/jetta/#action=im_ajax_call&perform=get_results&_post_id=380&trim[]=GLI&page=1&show_all_filters=false

Again the reputation I’m speaking about is for purchase. I don’t know how well any of them will lease. There’s been so much demand from out of area buyers that some have added $500 out of state fee to their pricing. But some have had it waived. Not sure that applies to a lease or not.

Good luck and please report back what you find on leasing!

Oops here is link cars.com link: https://www.cars.com/for-sale/searchresults.action/?cylCntId=28106&mdId=21285&mkId=20089&page=1&perPage=50&rd=99999&searchSource=SORT&sort=price-lowest&stkTypId=28880&trId=23832&yrId=30031936&zc=22309

Linsday VW is also big volume dealer and have good reputation. In fact, VW headquarters employees get their cars there.

Yes I included them in my second to last post. Very big volume dealer! Definitely heard good things.

Also - Fitzmall subaru, good prices and easy to deal with.

I would cry if those dealers did out of state deals. Hunting a base GTI S manual for my brother who lives in Denver and his dealers offer $500 off msrp on 17’s… King VW etc have their base S’s for 16,999. ugh

Read the fine print. VW dealers don’t usually include freight in their advertised prices.

he’s aware freight will probably be an extra $900 but 17.9 vs 23k is still a large gap

It’s freight plus doc fee. So $820 for freight/delivery and usually $599-$699 doc fees in Virginia. In Maryland the doc fee is $299. And some charge $500 for out of state buyers now because so many have taken advantage of this area’s low pricing. Just another easy $500 for them. But I believe it can be waived if that’s the only thing getting in the way of a deal.

When I was on a few GTI forums there were people buying GTI’s in the DC area that live all across the country and then driving back or shipping back home. Even to Hawaii. An out of state buyer just has to do the math with the added expenses compared to their local deals. Seemed in nearly every case it was better to go the extra effort and buy from the VA/MD area and drive or ship home.

VW Herndon, VA headquarters help

Contacted Lindsay VW today and the guy couldn’t wait to get off the phone with me once he heard that I was calling from NJ. Said he would call me back with a price but never did. Doesn’t look like I will be doing business in VA anyway since the doc fee is that high anyway.

Meanwhile I received a quote from a broker in NYC on a GLI for $280 at signing and $280/month with MSRP of $29,815

Will keep you guys posted as we hack this thing.