VW Golf GTI S 4DR Manual

Hey guys, newbie here, briefly visited the forums and the website looking for leasing advice and searched for this exact same car but cannot really approximate what price I should be paying currently. I went to a NYC dealer and the deal is:
VW Golf GTI S 4DR Manual S package
Lease price: 285/Month
MSRP: 27785
Down: 0
36 months, 10k miles, taxes, dmv, bank, doc, options and dealer fees upfront.
As per the website off of information from 10/31: (not sure if still applies since more than half a year old)
Residual: 59%
MF: 0.00165
Acquisition fee: 625

I know that I read that the lease is supposed to be around 1% of the MSRP to be a good deal, which it seems like it is here. Is there anything I should be concerned with here or should I be looking for a better deal? Thanks for the help!

What’s the total amount due at signing?

Generally, the 1% deal represents a great deal assuming just the standard drive-offs (registration, first payment, etc.) due at signing.

Here are the numbers for GTI this month:

36/10K: 58% residual, .00115 MF

I am in NYC too.
been looking for a golf or GTI.
the “best deal” I found is in Boston.

2016 GOLF GTI S MANUAL$21,899
36 Months | 10,000 Miles/Year
$149/mo WITH $2,999 DOWN
36 Months | 10,000 Miles/Year

I emailed them, they wanted me to go there to do the deal. I didn’t have time for that.
Doing my research on the internet, it seems good deals are in Maryland, DC, Virginia areas.

let me know how you end up, I might follow you if you get a good deal. GOOD luck.

Try Stohlman Volkswagen. Ask for Trent Norris, VW New Car Sales Manager.