VW End of Lease Buyout & Selling to 3rd Party

I know this is coming down to the wire, but my 2019 VW Jetta SEL lease is up this Friday. I was looking over the paperwork and saw my buyout payment at end of lease is $16k. Out of curiosity I checked Carmax and they gave me a quote of $20,600 and Vroom offered $21k. I’m scheduled to return the car to the dealer tomorrow, but now I’m thinking of buying out and selling to a third party. I saw other threads about expediting title transfer to avoid paying taxes, but can anyone shed more light on this? When does the 10 day countdown start, when you apply for title transfer or when you have it in hand? And with DMV wait times is this timeline even possible? I was also reading about the CDTFA-101 form, would this apply to my situation? Basically, does this seem like a feasible plan? Thanks in advance for any info!!

Take a look at this thread; if I recall correctly, it talks about this exact scenario with VW Credit:


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