VW e-Golf SE Lease

I am planning to buy an electric Car, and I got the offer below from a Bay area dealer for a eGolf SE with Quick Charger:
$169 Per month (plus taxes)
12K per Year miles (36K for 3 years)
3 Year lease
$3500 down payment (and drive off)

How good/bad a deal is this ?

Looks good.

here is what I got:

2016 Golf e se
280/mo tax included zero down. 12k year.

I thought its always best not to pay any money upfront incase of total loss?

Sorry don’t understand mf and all the other fun detailed even though this is my third lease :smiley:

I’ll make time to read the intro one day on the forum and learn the basics. Great site look forward to learning more on here :+1:

I got $0 down $124 mo with tax , after fed and state rebates. 12k miles a year temecula vw


Damn now got a shitty deal. How the heck did u get it for that price!?

I have to correct my deal though 280 with tax for 35 payments. And the guy said I get like 2500 back some how with cash back rebate that will come in a few months?

So 280 x 35 = 9,800 - 2500 = 7300/36 = 202.77

And I guess u have some tax rebat when u file taxes? I duno.

Still not even close to that 124!

Damn it I got ripped of :rage:

Hopefully I can live with myself and still enjoy my car :smile: It is fun to drive

I have the same question. Was it a matter of talking down the sticker price and then doing math for the lease payments? What else needed to be changed to get a lower monthly lease?

proof of this? this seems way too good to be true.

Lol you need proof huh you don’t believe me. :wink:

I guess you don’t read the leasehakr blog very well it is on the front page

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0 down and net zero down are two different things. 2500 is nothing to sneeze at :stuck_out_tongue:

2 components of this deal are gone $1500 conquest cash from VW and $2500 CA rebate…net increase of $4 k

The original deal was $4,400 total out of pocket for 3 years 36k miles

The CARB rebates are still available - just checked their site to confirm e Golf is still on the list. The program has been updated so that if your household income is below a certain threshold (varies based on size of family) the rebar is increased by $1,500 to a total of $4,000.

Please avoid misinformation, and do correct me if I’m wrong. To be clear, you can still submit your rebate request, but you’ll be placed on a wait list and will only get the rebate if funding is approved.

It says clearly on the front page:
Funding is currently exhausted. All applications submitted after June 10, 2016 will be placed on a rebate waitlist.

Good point about the funding status. However, the rebate program is not gone - at least it is highly unlikely to be gone. This is a funding stream issue - they have to get additional funds appropriated to the program. The rebate program has a huge lobby supporting it, and it’s very easy to sell the idea to lawmakers that not having the rebate around hurts vehicle sales (and thus the economy, the environment, etc). They ran out of funding in 2014 and it didn’t take long for additional funding to be added.

Given that this program was just expanded to allow for larger rebates (within income limitations) a few months ago, it seems highly unlikely that it will be discontinued.

That being said, if your financial situation is such that you absolutely can’t tolerate any risk that the rebate won’t show up, just wait until they add more funding.

I am getting the following deal from nearby VW dealer for 2016 e-Golf SE – no quick charge…let me know what you guys think?

$1300 Down (includes drive off + first-month payment) – after fed and state rebates (~$2500)
$109 + tax a month
12K miles

Happy 4th of July everyone!

I drove the E-Golf today and comparing it to the Leaf and Spark EV I tested last week it’s in a different league IMHO when it comes to refinement and the driving dynamic.

I got a quote for 36/10k from a bay area dealers: for $207 a month with $863 drive off (1st payment plus sales tax).
This is for the basic SE without the super charger.

Anyone else that is looking for e-Golf and got a better deal to share?

Just picked up an e-Golf SE (non quick charger) today in LA:

$215/mo (incl tax)
$1500 drive off ($0 down but incl taxes, fees, first month)

CARB has run out as stated above but hoping it gets reinstated soon


Can i get the current MF, residuals, and incentive info for
e-Golf SE with and without quick charger
24/10 and 36/10 lease


2016 e-Golf SE

36/10k: 0.00065 MF: 38%
24/10k: 0.00065 MF: 45%

All: $7500 Cash Rebate;
Targeted: $500 College Grad Cash

Thank you! littleviolette.

I put this info into the lease calculator, but it doesn’t add up.
Can someone verify my calculations?

MSRP: $29,950
Sale price: $24,995
0.00065 MF
Residual 45%
Total price including fees: $25,590
Based on this details my total lease cost is $14,680 -$7500 = $7180 / 36 = $199.5

The offer I got from the local dealer is $207 plus Tax (9.5%) + total down: $863 (1st payment + Sales tax)


Quote from dealer looks good. I get the same monthly payment using Leasehackr Calculator:

I’m not sure if the $7,500 lease cash is taxed or not… if so, then the total due at signing will be $700 higher.


Is this reasonable:

e-Golf with DC fast charger
MSRP 31,625
Selling price 25,882
36 months
10,000 miles per year
Residual - 38%
Money factor - 0.00065
Down Payment (including all fees) 3500
Payment is 167.46 including 8% tax.

Any response would be appreciated.