VW Credit and lease Buyout GTI S

I leased a GTI in 2018 for 36/12. I only have 10K miles on it so decided to buy the vehicle at the RV price of ~15k. My lease expires on 17 March and I got my credit union financed the buyout .
I got the payoff letter and odometer letter and send all paperwork to my bank. They send the certified check next day and it was received on March 12. I am the buyer so the title will be in my name. As of today (15 business days)VW Credit has not finish the sale and keep adding Maturity fees on my account which is approx $280 by now. I called them and they mentioned they working on it and it takes 3-4 weeks.
So my question is that it’s normal for them to take 3-4 week to close the transaction or they playing a game with me and don’t want to sell the car since they know the value of the car is much higher because of very low miles. I as a lesse has every right to buy the car at the RV stated in the Contract. I am not selling to third party but buying for my self since the car in mint condition with low miles. In the past I sold my Audi A4 to vroom and got the title in few days with no issues. I am just a bit concern if VW Credit trying to pull a fast one on me. Any advise will be helpful.

They’ll probably clear those charges up once they finalize the paperwork. I turned in a VW lease last yr that took about a month for them to close out and my online account accrued charges that they cleared afterwards.


See Hanlon’s razor

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