VW/Audi Third-Party Payoff Quotes

I plan to sell my leased Audi which has another year to go. I know VW Financial charges a higher payoff amount than what the leasee would pay. Does anyone have experience or knowledge on how much a premium VW/Audi add?

Whatever they want. Any profit you were thinking of making they will add. Basically Auction Values.

We have a guy here @Anthony_Lopez , he can probably buy it direct.

Yea I have been quoted as much as $10k over my Etron to a non-Audi dealership. Plus do not forget the additional fees AFS slaps on as of last March 2022 if you do decide to sell to a Audi store.

Ugh I think it’s called the Segment fee? A few hundred

For the etron $895 and $395 for paperwork stuff.

Thank you all for your inputs. I have sold my Audi and thought I would share the experience for others’ future reference.

An Audi dealer apparently can get close to the payoff amount (around $30k) as if I were to pay by myself. However, it also offered only $30k for my car. So basically give them the equity I have on the car for free. One Audi dealer claimed that, if I went to other dealership, Audi Financial would ask for $36k+ payoff. I don’t know the truth to that, but $36k is about the fair market value for my car. I ended up sold to AutoNation which operates multiple brands dealerships so supposedly can get the Audi dealership payoff. I figured the payoff for them is about $500 to $600 higher than my payoff. That may be the segment fee you guys mentioned. I think it is not too bad, considering otherwise I would have to come up with the fund to pay AFS, the hassle and risk trying to sell by myself within 10days to avoid sales tax.

The experience with AutoNation is very pleasant. I would recommend for someone who are in similar position as mine.

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