VW Atlas numbers issue



I am curious what I am missing here. He didn’t give me MF or RV because but I had made it clear I wasn’t buying today. (Had my kid with me and really just wanted to look at the vehicle and get quick numbers). I appreciate the salesman listened to my wishes and had me out in 30 minutes bringing 2 cars up front and running basic numbers. I knew I could look up the rest on edmunds. I don’t know where/why I am not closer to the 1% rule with the discounts and the tax cuts. I have ran these numbers with the numbers I found on Edmonds of MF = .00073 and RV = 52%. Here is the sheet he gave me. I get better numbers when I run it but still not close to 1%. Sorry it’s kind of blurry but you get the idea.

I am in Texas and they are coving all but $475 on the tax.


It looks like they’re charging you about 1300 in dealer accessories.

This is what I think is happening: they’re charging you for the accessories and they’re inflating the money factor. You need to get the money factor they’re using because they may not be giving you the base.

Also, they’re only giving you a 9% dealer discount. Shoot for 10 to 12%. I think there’s an extra 1k in discount you can squeeze and get them to eliminate the dealer accessories… it’s negating the 1k in additional discount you’re getting.

Don’t be fooled by the “sonic” price. It’s not so good and they’re finding ways to make money off you. The cake is a lie.


Thank you. Kind of what I was thinking. We really liked the Atlas. I ran the numbers without the dealers extras on the calculator and with covering taxes and fees and I was about $450/month. So still about $30 over 1%. I think with negotiation I can get there.