VW Arteon starting at 35k

Not bad…maybe it won’t lease too shabby

Can expect A5 sportback level leases out of this unless VW provides enough lease support.

The gas mileage also stinks on this thing. The only one I would spec out is the SEL with r Line package and at that price point I may as well get the A5 Sportback with virtual cockpit.

I’m thinking its still a VW, so they would have to provide a reasonable amount of support. But time will tell.

What about it being VW would mean it should lease well? Traditionally VW offers better purchase support than lease support. Sometimes you’ll find high interest rates from VW auto group makes.

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Don’t expect much right out of the gate. It’s extremely rare for a captive to provide strong lease programs on a new model.

The last few times VW has tried reaching upward in price, it has been a dismal failure.

While I’m sure the Arteon itself is a fine car, I suspect, unfortunately, that the sales outcome will be no different…

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Worse fuel economy than the competition and a high MSRP are going to relegate the Arteon to the same story as the CC.

However, there are few things working for it. Attractive looks. Practical hatch. Virtual cockpit. Heated and cooled seats with heated steering wheels. Very well outfitted interior.

I can definitely see these cars going for 10% percent off or more after about a year and have plenty of incentive support from VW. We need to keep in mind the 2019 Arteon was delayed in launch for the US by over a year, as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some strong incentive support out of the gate for the car when taking all things into account.

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Depending on how the market reacts, I could see this being a nice option for on the used market in a few yrs (assuming VW keeps the lengthy and transferrable warranty, which it would be wise to do).

The Kia Stinger plays in the same space (at a better MSRP), but it’s not like it’s been setting the market on fire…

The Arteon actually comes better equipped than the 2.0T Stinger Premium for a similar price. A 41k Arteon SEL with AWD comes with virtual cockpit, heated seats, pano roof, power seats, standard DCC adaptive dampers. The Stinger pretty much has heated seats and the 14-speaker sound systems, 8-inch UVO connect, individual memory seats, LED headlights and if you want AWD you go up to about 40k in MSRP.

Performance figures are very similar as well and the warranty on the Arteon is better than on the Kia. I honestly think the Arteon presents a better value than the Stinger at the price point.

It absolutely does not compete with a Stinger GT because that power is simply too much fun. Also, RWD.

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Curious to see how this shakes out. Everything I can see tells me that it’ll go the way of the CC with big discounts and lease cash to move them.

I still remember my first “hack” - a 2013 CC Sport for 0 DAS and $280 month including tax. Was a beautiful blue color, nicely equipped, drove great. They just could not sell them - residual was somewhere in the low 40% range.


I think the Arteon may go a little different. The CC was a glorified Passat with a nicer looking shell on top. Same engine, drive train, technology options as a CC.

The Arteon is a departure from that formula. There will definitely be high discounts and incentives on the car, but I’m hoping it’ll be a little more popular with it’s lift-back design and separation from the Passat bones.

I saw this car in europe this summer, its real sharp

IMO the Arteon looks relatively generic vs the CC which was eye catching in its day.

Most people don’t care about the bones underneath

I predict it will be a flop.


Everyone definitely has different biases. I personally believe it looks sharp and stands apart from the rest of the VW line. It has the traditional VW corporate look to it, but I think it’s executed in such a way that sets it apart.

I think it’s a lovely evolution of the CC nameplate and we get the hatch in the back. If it kept the stick then it would have been a no-brainer for me.

Of course it’s going to flop. It’s a 40k dollar VW sedan.

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After doing a couple of test drives and going through the Arteon’s design and features, I received quotes on both the SEL PREMIUM R LINE at over $800.00 a month, and the SE Base being $700.00. This was with $700 due at signing and before taxes, title and fees… EDIT: The term was 42 months I believe

That seems like they’re marking up the MSRP.

Residual values go from 43% for 15k miles up to 48% for 7,5k miles a year. MF is really low at .0005, though, and there should incentives on the car as well (at least 2k from what I recall).

Sounds like the dealers you went to are marking MSRP up and pocketing the bonus cash, hoping customers would want to spend S5 Sportback money on a FWD 2.0T VW flagship sedan.

A dealer buddy of mine said people can expect to pay 600’s for an SEL Premium R-Line 4motion with 48k MSRP.

The markup was 1500 allegedly… and the term on the lease was 12k at 42 months…

Then the dealer was trying to double dip with marking up MSRP and pocketing VWUSA dealer cash (it is their right to do that).

Definition of greed. Tell them to kick rocks.

This particular dealer has upset me with how they structure their deals on several occasions… Although not as bad as Toyota and their claims lately.


I found this interesting… .00005 MF on the Arteon!!! That’s crazy! Usually I see .002 on VW products.

There’s also almost a total of 4,500 dealer cash if you purchase this car at VW’s 2.9% interest, probably only 2k towards leasing.

I’ve had my eye on the SEL R-Line 4Motion for all the goodies it comes with (wished it came with ventilated and nappa seats, not going to the SEL Premium for those) and that much money plus dealer discount would make for a pretty mean deal.

I guess prospective buyers would have to beware… some dealer discounts may not be as great as they appear if the buyer doesn’t know about the extra cash to the dealer.