Vroom won't pay me or return my GM vehicle after taking possession

Looking for some information or to see if anyone had a similar experience.

Got into a contract on July 1st to sell my vehicle to Vroom. A week later they picked up the truck and notified me that I will receive payment within the next few days, I returned the plates and removed the insurance. a few days later I was notified by Vroom that GM financial is no longer accepting 3rd party sales and they’ll need to return the vehicle to me. To this day no one at vroom has any clue as how to do that. When I ask for a manager I just continually get transferred. They’re essentially passing the mess on to me.
Aren’t they under contract and essentially own that vehicle now?

An info greatly appreciated!

Edit: Just to be clear they picked up the vehicle and I haven’t received payment as of yet. Vroom Hasn’t returned the vehicle to me at this time as well.


No. GM Financial owns it and refuses to sell it to Vroom. You are still on the lease and still responsible for it. Vroom really has no say in this. But, if they can’t return the vehicle, this could be really interesting. I suggest finding out what YOUR payoff is from GM Financial and see how that might leave you financially. If you are still OK with the deal using your payoff, then you might be able to work something out. Vroom will obviously have to wait much longer for the title, but that is not your problem.



Can you find the vehicle using Onstar app vehicle locate feature? At least you would know where to go to ask in person for the vehicle.


GL showing up at some random storage/parking lot and finding anyone with the keys, let alone getting it back that way.

Funny thing, I just got off the phone with Ally and apparently Vroom pulled an incorrect quote so they did not send in the fully amount. Grab popcorn, this will be interesting.


  1. Sold car to Vroom
  2. Vroom picks up car
  3. Vroom sends me a check and Ally a check
    4)Vroom lists car
    5)Ally account still showing amount due
  4. Vroom sells car
  5. Ally account still showing amount due

Currently on hold with Vroom after being on hold with Ally for an hour and half.

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doesn’t sound like it involves you at this point. I mean, yeah, your name is on the ally account, but if Vroom doesn’t want to get smacked with fraud for selling a car they don’t have a title to, they’ll need to pay that off to get the title.


Vroom “Resolution” team is looking into this but it sounds like someone from Vroom pulled a wrong quote. The lady said they’d handle it as it was their fault and she’s going to ‘personally’ see this through. Update to be provided on Thursday. Till then, enjoy the popcorn.


In my book: any customer service conversation where:

  1. I’m not explaining the problem again for the first time,
  2. they understand the problem, and
  3. someone says they will actually work on it

Is some kind of progress. Good luck that it’s resolved for you this week. Keep us posted :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Right. Since he hijacked OPs thread.

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yea, its going to be on them… to sell that car to someone they will have to give that person the title… so dont stress about it. throw away the popcorn and go do something else. if someone bought the car they’re going to have to eventually produce a title to give to the buyer

At first I thought of paying off the vehicle, but was worried if I did I would never see the car or payment from Vroom. No on gives me information as to where the vehicle is or if they’ll even allow me to pick it up. I would first need to register the vehicle again. but with no title how’s that even possible.

That’s a good question. I’m going to try to find out.

From what I’ve read this block of 3rd party buyers has been going on for a while. I’m sure this isn’t the first gm financial vehicle vroom has tried to buy. Why would they push ahead with the sale if they knew GM would not allow them to purchase the Vehicle.

Oh heck no. Do NOT pay it off yourself.


Same thing is happening with my parent’s vehicle. It was a lease and they picked it up 6/22 but GM Financial announced the change on 6/24. Contract was signed at least 2 weeks before pickup. They should have been able to pay the vehicle off in time but I have no idea what happened nor can they tell me. I called Vroom after finding out about the change to try to make sure they paid the vehicle off in time, but didn’t get any info back.

After 2 weeks of calling and escalating the case - they finally got back to me just to say that they cannot proceed with the transaction, but did not mention what was going to happen with the vehicle.

I still don’t have an answer as to where the vehicle is or what is going to happen. Meanwhile the lease contract has expired so now GM Financial is automatically extending the lease every month and the payments are due.

I have not been able to talk to anyone outside of Customer Service that can actually do anything about the situation. Currently the case is stuck with “Accounts Payable”. I am going to continue calling until I get a resolution.


Report the vehicle as stolen?

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I think with wholesale used car values having gone down 2-3% over last few weeks, Vroom is finding out the payoff to GM is no longer attractive and therefore trying to walk away from some commitments.

Did you check if the vehicle is still with Vroom or already sold?

I just searched the VIN and it looks like they had already listed the vehicle as of 6/27 according to a cached version of the listing on Vroom (they already removed the vehicle listing), but clicking on the Carfax from the cached listing, Carfax shows that it is listed for sale from Vroom as of 6/29.

Obviously they had gone through the process but somehow they didn’t complete the payoff. Now I’m stuck and they’re not giving any information on next steps.

I don’t know what y’all are waiting for. If someone took my vehicle and has not informed me of payment or return, I’d be lawyered up damned fast. This is one of those weird situations that could severely damage one’s credit if not handled properly.

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