Vroom Help! Carrier missed pickup due to COVID 19

Vroom’s carrier was supposed to pick up my Highlander last Friday but obviously due to COVID-19 everything is crazy and it didn’t happen. They said they found another carrier but I have yet to get a call. Meanwhile my lease is maturing with Toyota TOMORROW.

What do I do? Do I call Toyota to get an extension on my lease? Frustrated!

I’m in California.

That sounds like the best plan of action.


Hi yes I would call Toyota to see about an extension, they are more than likely going to help you extend your lease for atleast a few days. I would tell them that you are exploring other toyota options, but given the current situation you would need extra time since you are in California.

Hope the new carrier contacts you soon.


Thanks! Do I call the dealer or TFS??

Toyota Financial Direct, since they are ones holding your lease contract

I’ve been on hold for 21 min so far. Hope they’re working. :slight_smile:

I am sure that they are working, but are swamped with calls given the situation. Be patient. I was on hold for 4 hours with my card company trying to get a refund for my flight which is scheduled for next week, very painful, but could definitely be worse.


4 hours!!! Wow. Really??? Holy crap.

You do realize it will take them some time to pay off TFS even after pickup, right? So you would need to extend even if they took it on Friday. A few days ain’t gonna cut it, most likely.

Yes I’m realizing that now :frowning:

Can you email or send Secure Message through your online TFS account? Just a thought.

I did already. :slight_smile: Thanks

There is a 10 day grace period on maturity date. I wouldn’t sweat it


Oh that’s helpful, thank you!!! I can’t get a hold of TFS at all. I hung up after 2 hours on hold with no response. :frowning:

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Call volumes are up and call centers are down.

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So I can’t reach Toyota at all. Vroom is chaos and no one knows anything. No clue when a carrier will come pick up my car. Should I just cancel the sale and turn in my car to Toyota???

Are the dealers in your area even open for business?

Yes - believe it or not, they are.

Just wanted to provide an update - the carrier showed up on Saturday with no prior notice. He said he didn’t have my phone number because Vroom’s systems were down. Thankfully we were home (not like we’re going anywhere these days anyway) so I was able to give him the car. Yesterday, Vroom called me with TFS on the line in order to get my authorization to release the payoff amount. The payoff amount had increased by $150 since we are a week past my maturity date. Vroom assured me that they would take care of it since this was out of my control. I received an email today with the Fedex tracking number for the payment to Toyota.

All in all I’m a very happy Vroom customer because although I didn’t make any money on the deal, it still beats returning the car to Toyota and paying a $350 disposition fee!


Great to hear that you got your car picked up and that you saved on the disposition fee. Every little bit helps during these uncertain times. Keep us posted on what you get next.

Hope everyone continues to have a good VROOM experience during the current situation.

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