Vroom consumer complaints are highlighted in Houston KPRC News report…

FYI…Vroom has customer issues as reported by a Houston Channel 2 Investigative news report…

The Better Business Bureau gives Vroom an “F” rating. There are nearly 1900 complaints, with a significant increase in the past few months. Dan Parsons, President of the Better Business Bureau Greater Houston & South Texas, read us just a few of the complaints.

Common complaints include vehicles misrepresented in photos, customers not receiving necessary paperwork to get their car registered, delayed deliveries, and communication problems - like sending customers in circles.

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Can’t say I’m shocked… when we sold our Crosstrek to them a couple years ago, the whole process felt so… sketchy… for it being a publicly traded company… From fedex-ing keys to the company to the tow truck being third party and showing up about 12 hours later than anticipated with almost no communication on ETA (tow truck showed up around 1AM!!) to seeing the car pop up on Vroom a week late with no mention of some damages on the car that we could see in pictures (small enough where it’s hard to see in pictures but visible if you know where the damage is)…

That being said, check came a day or two after the car was picked up (owned outright) and they offered more than CarMax or Carvana.

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Here’s the video from the Houston news channel 2 report highlighting Vroom consumer problems…


Yeah, just a couple minutes in the “Sold One To Vroom” discussion will net you all of these same concerns.

They’re a flaming hot mess, and that’s putting it nicely, but if you’re willing to put up with the headache, they’re likely one of your best $ offers you’ll find, and in some cases, by a LOT. Just up to you on whether the possible (probable) headache is worth the extra $.

In my case, I regret it. For +$600, I wish like hell I would’ve just dropped it at Carmax instead, but I finally got through it. Now those getting $2k more… Just depends on how you value your time and energy.

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