VolvoXC90 T6 R Design

Got a quote for a 2019 XC90 T6 R Design in OH.
Car specs :
-Advanced Pkg
-Air suspension
-Polestar option
-B&W sound

Deal: 3yr/10k
MSRP : 74175
Residual - 60%
MF - .00115
DAS - 999
Monthly - 789 including taxes

Should I go with it or is there some more wiggle room on this?

Way too high. Do some searching around on here for xc90 deals to compare to.

What is the selling price? I got a 65k T6 R Design in June. I was 10% off MSRP BEFORE incentives. The higher MSRP ones I have seen go as high as 12-13% off MSRP before incentives.
Net I was about 17% off at the end. Knowing the sales price and incentives will help to figure out if there is more wiggle room.
My monthly was $610 pre tax (in PA) with $0 DAS on a 12k mi yr lease. (not sure what the OH tax rate is). With $0 DAS you are $819 after tax. On the surface it appears they could do better.