Volvo XC90 t5 momentum plus 15k/36months

Thanks for all the info on this forum. I felt a lot more educated at the dealership but after a few hours of negotiations I thought I was done so I didn’t pay as much attention in the finance office. So I think I might have been duped. This is for a xc90 t5 momentum plus 15k/36 loaner with 2800 miles. Original agreed sale price was $47,000 I told salesmen to throw in excess wear and tear and I would take it for that price. The finance person told me that since she added excess she lowered my purchase price to $46,597.61 which is $400 less. I then looked at my contract when I got home and realized there was a 1,040 charge on gross capitalized cost for the excess. She did lower my mf from .00113 to .00100 does that balance out the $640 difference of the purchase price and the excess charge? Also how did I do? Tax is 8.5%

**MSRP: $56,585

**Monthly Payment: $576.69
**Down Payment: $3000
**MSD: none

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage:15k
**MF: .0010
**Residual: **

**Zip Code:94116

Usually we prefer to do MSDs instead of down payment.

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Your effective payment is approximately 660/month. Agree with JamesBond - why didn’t you do MSDs instead of down payment. Would have saved you about 2k.

Run the calculator with both MF to see how much it saved you.

I get better returns if I just invest the money myself in stocks. I have 60 days to cancel the wear and tear and they will refund me the $1040. Plus they gave me $400 off the sale price so I would be up 1440 if I cancelled. What would you guys do?

You get a better return if you do your negotiations online or via phone than in person.


Over 50% in three years? Let me know where you invest :wink:. If that is the case, invest it. Never put money down on a lease, just as you’d never give a landlord 3k to make your rent payment lower.

Oh. What returns are you getting?

Ya you guys are right. I haven’t picked up the car yet. Any way to switch it?

If you signed the deal then I doubt you can get out of it.

I always ask the master stock pickers how their portfolio did in 2008. Rising tides raise all boats, and all that :wink:

Not to mention guaranteed non-taxable returns vs risk-adjusted, taxable gains

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Exactly. And they all say, well I really started investing in mid-2009 and all I’ve done is make money. All one had to do was have a pulse and you made money after then. You go through enough corrections and you realize the same logic applies to make you money when the tide is rising, loses you money when its sinking.