Volvo XC90 T5 - How's this deal

I am in Florida and have received this quote from a local dealer. Let me know your thoughts. This is the first pass with the dealer. I am looking to see what areas to work on and if I can’t get the right deal, I’ll work with a broker. I am told that Volvo dealers in Florida won’t discount as much as out of state.

MF - .00164
residual - 60%
MSRP - $53,935
SP before incentive - $49,315
T5 incentive is $2500
Acquisition Fee - $899
Dealer Fee - $799
Govt Fees $425

I just closed a deal Saturday in Florida. I can share the dealer if you want,

i’m paying $479/Month 0 Down and $1,881 Drive Off with 10 MSDs

The Money factor is same but the RV should be 61%

Where in Florida are you?

Try to get another $750 off, acq fee is $995, $2,500 incentives should not be in Down Payment in your calculator, do 10 MSDs


I’ll PM you

Did this include A-PLAN PRICING.

No, because then it’d be more expensive

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Let’s do it the Roman way


This is the deal that I am trying to get. The car mentioned above was sold, so I am working on one similar. Is this reasonable? The dealer is pushing back, saying he can’t do this deal. Does it look like a reasonable? Thank you for your input!

2020 XC90 T5 7 seater
.00164 MF and 60% residual
$2000 Volvo Allowance + $500 lease bonus

See Lease Calculator below - I needed to modify it.

You are missing a 0 on dealer fees, if you buy in FL. It’s probably around $900. Over 12% is tough. Also - why did you enter .00100 MF when you say here it’s .00164?


Good catch! I modified it. What is a reasonable dealer discount?

Can you share the dealer please, im interested

Can you share details please?

As mentioned above, it is a deal that I am trying to get. The dealers around southwest Florida have not accepted it. They continue to pretend they are working with me, but move money from one line to another, taking it off the selling price and adding dealer and doc fees that are excessive. I will go with a broker and buy one of out state.

Can you post details on your $479 deal…including dealer? I’m in south Florida.

I know a dealer in Atlanta that can meet this price and beat it let me know so i can introduce you

I’m helping Eaton with the same dealer but the dealer is not budging. I know another dealer in Atlanta that can meet this price

I’m interested!