Volvo XC90 T5 AWD

2018 Volvo XC90 T5 AWD
MSRP: $55,590 (convenience pack $1950, leather $1400, 19" wheels $800, black $595…)
Selling price: $49,575 (i do not qualify for loyalty or A plan so no other incentives)
MF .00133
RV 56%
Doc fee $80
Acquisition fee $995 (is this marked up from $695?)
~ $1300 total drive off (1st + TTL)
~ $575 + tax
39 months / 12k miles

seems very high to me. What do the pros here say? I can hold off for a few weeks and see if March brings better incentives and being end of Q1

I can always opt for a FWD saving about $2200, get regular black interior saving another $1400… that should save about $100 a month right?

and if there are any SoCal Volvo dealers on this site, or brokers who deal Volvos in Los Angeles, please let me know and I would prefer to go through you

thanks for your feedback

Can you do some MSDs to bring down MF?

What’s the stated RV? What’s the stated MF?

There’s likely more wiggle room in the sales price if you push for it, and really want the car. Otherwise, be prepared to walk away. If you don’t have another dealer competing for your business on a similarly equipped vehicle, you don’t have much leverage here.

MF .00133
RV 56%
Doc fee $80
Acquisition fee $995

What’s the License/Registration fee?

based on the numbers you presented, it calculates correctly… it’s just not a great MF right now, and not much incentives. I’d shoot for another 5-6% off MSRP if you can.

Lic/reg is about $600+/-

Man so many better deals last year: $373 2017 Volvo XC90 T5 R-DESIGN

Yeah, but that was a unicorn deal.

That R-Design deal has spurred more false hope than any deal I’ve seen.

Yea im not expecting a deal like that R-Design deal… but was hoping to be at 500-550 with tax incl


I am looking for the exact same Model, T5 Momentum AWD with Convenience package for 12k/ 36 months in LA area. The Dealer gave me first cut premium of $697. That was too High and finally got it close to $550 by changing the lease to 39 Months and increasing down payment to $3000 (I Know bad thing to do). I was just wanted a reference point and i believe it can still go down as i negotiated only for 30-40 min.

MSRP: 56030
Selling price: 48892
RV: Didnt reveal (My Guess 56-60)
MF: didnt reveal
regst: 550
fees: $50
Rebates: 0
Monthly Payout : 548

Miles: 12k / yr
Months: 39
Driveout :4500

I am Doing Lease first time. Any inputs to help highly appreciate.

Which dealer are you working with? I’ve had good luck with Rusnak in Pasadena. If you’d like the contact info of the salesman I’ve worked with, let me know. He was extremeley transparent.

I would start by going to edmunds and finding out for yourself what the RV and MV should be. Same with going to autobytel to figure out the available incentives on your model. This will give you a much stronger footing for negotiating as you’ll actually know what the numbers and what they should be.

The pre-2018 T5 was a two row suv right? I don’t think it sold as well as they wanted it to, which is why it was more likely to be discounted and why Volvo made the 2018+ a three row suv.

It’s the first thing people in this market want. Imagine if MB made a two row Gls or GM made a two row Yukon.

Given the 3rd row in the Yukon, one could say it is only a 2 row SUV. :wink:

Oh trust me there are so many nominal third rows out there. Like the X5 and RX-L.

It’s like any OEM can announce a three row SUV and people are like “Shut up and take my money”

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I worked with Rusnak Pasadena for that above quote. I am at Volvo Galpin at Van Nuys now. They matched the Price for Same Model for 36 months Lease.

These are the details.
MSRP: 56925
SP : 46339 - 13% off MSRP.
MF: 0.00113
RV: 55%
Doc Fee: 80
Acq Fee: 695
License . Registration: 619
Upfront Tax: 289
Sales Tax: 9.5

Drive Off: 4500
Monthly : 548 (Inclusive of Taxes)

I want to get it close to $500. I can close upto $510. Is it too much to ask?


Lease hacker calculation is here for quote. It comes out $482.

Your drive off is too much.

There really is no good reason to put money down.

Maxing out your MSD’s will save you ~$50 a month.

Both Rusnak and Galpin mark up their acquisition fee to $995, so be sure to verify you’re actually getting $695

Culver city and thousands oaks also mark up the acquisition fee and don’t negotiate on it.

I haven’t found anyone yet out here that doesn’t. Doesn’t really matter to me if they want to shift some of their profit to a different column, but it is good to know where they’re hiding their profit. If they all do the same, it makes it easier to compare offers.