Volvo XC90 T5 AWD Momentum lease advice


I am in California bay area looking to lease a 2018 Volvo T5 AWD Momentum. After talking to some dealers, this is the best deal I have gotten so far.

Overall, I think the MF is high and the residual low than I anticipated. How do I get dealer to reduce these, especially when the numbers come from Volvo ?

36 months / 10,000 miles per year

MSRP- $56,385
Selling price (after Aplan)- 50,735

Acquisition fee- $695
MF- .00171
After MSD- 0.00121
Residual- 55%- end of lease buy out $31,575

Driveoff (with 8k MSD)- $9,480

Per Month- $711.2

For A-Plan, the selling price looks right ($2,750 below invoice), but the dealer can forgo the A-Plan program and dig deeper. He’ll lose a good chunk of money to do that, to maybe go another $500-1,000 deeper.

Ursus will tell you he should go 10% off MSRP minus the $2,000 incentive = $48,750ish. I think that’s an uphill battle, but your mileage may vary.

You’ve got the October buy rate at 0.0017 and the RV is correct for a 5-passenger (it would be 56% for a 7-passenger). Your acq fee is at cost at $695.

The MSDs should be 10 x $750 = $7,500, not $8,000. Consider bringing the payment down to $700.00 or less and the MSDs will drop to $7,000. Should be easy, as there’s room for them to sell the car for less.

Consider going with a (edit) 2019 T5 AWD Momentum for 30 months:
30/10 RV 71% MF 0.00229 before MSDs

Lots more choices, including FWDs. Nav optional now through Multimedia pkg w/Harman Kardon or port installed separately (edited).

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This is an awful deal! I’d jump on a T6 for way less than what you were quoted.

It’s from October of last year …

Gotcha! :+1::+1::+1::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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