Volvo XC90 signed. $1150 drive off + MSDs, $525 month w/ tax

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Volvo XC90 MOM 7 pass FWD (brand new with 32 miles)
MSRP: $ 53,700
Monthly Payment: $525 with 9.5% tax
Drive-Off Amount: $1150 + MSDs ($5500)
Discount: dealer discount around 6300 (11.7%) plus 2500 volvo incentives on top
Annual Mileage:12k
MF:0.00164 then applied 10 MSDs.
Region:Los Angeles
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

I did end up buying the excess wear and tear due to the light colored interior and now we have a child (and wife). Initially the cost was about $1100 but I asked if they could do it for $10 month. The lowest they could go was $15 per month so the final monthly payment is $540. First time getting warranty, will see how it goes.

Oh and forget. I filled out bonus drive so hopefully that goes through for an extra $500 rebate.


Dealer info?
Also looking for xc90 in socAl

PM sent 202020

This from Chris?

hey James, can I get your contact? Looking for an XC90 t5 awd for myself… looks like you got a good deal on yours!

Can I also get the dealer info? Also looking for xc90. Thanks!

Hello JB, mind sharing the info also I am in the market for an XC thanks

Contact @IAC

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$500 bonus drive was approved! Thanks @mllcb42 for pointing out volvo is part of the Allstate option.

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Can I get the dealer contact info pls?

@IAC can help.

I received my bonus drive check but it is only $250, not $500. Anyone have a similar issue. I will give them a call. @mllcb42

Definitely give them a call as they did something wrong. I just looked at the bonus drive site and it’s still showing $500 for volvo

Bonus drive on FCA products is $250, so I’m guessing they just screwed something up when they processed it.

Yeah. I was just looking at their site as well and still $500. Will call, hopefully someone is still answering.

I just got mine in the mail yesterday and it was also $250. I called but they are closed until Monday. I also sent in an email.

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Got 250 instead of 500 too

I just spoke with the Bonus Drive Folks. They acknowledge that there was an error and will be sending me out another check for $250. They are aware of the error as they said several people reached out. You might want to call in to request as I doubt they will do this proactively.


They also sent me email this morning that they are aware of the clerical issue and will send another check later:-)

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I just got my other $250 check in the mail yesterday. I now have the full $500.

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