Volvo XC90 R-Design lease - is this a good deal to sign?


It was very hard to find a good lease deal in Portland/Seattle but one of the dealer in California offered the below numbers. Please let me know if I am missing anything else before I sign tomorrow. Thanks.

R-Design - New with Advance, 22inch Wheels, Air suspension, PS.

Total incentives for my zip code (97006) as per Edmunds - $5500. Added to the sale price in calculator.

I don’t qualify for loyalty/A-plan.

Hard to say without knowing what incentives you qualify and breaking out the discount from the incentives.

That looks pretty decent! Got the same one (give or take, ~$100 less than yours). Since it looks like you haven’t signed yet, shop these numbers to dealers to beat? Won’t cost you but 10mn of your day?

I think you’re on the right track, though!

What about registration/DMV fees and taxes? You didn’t include anything for those. Do you have a deal sheet from the dealer?

Looks like a great deal based on MSRP.

Oregon no tax. DMV, I will register, probably another $500. Acquisition fee added to final sale price.

Doesn’t Oregon add a 0.5% tax on the price of the car to new car sales? Or is that only on cars sold and registered in the state?

Probably, I am not familiar. The local quotes I got has Oregon tax of $218 for the same priced Car.

I did send those numbers to dealers around Oregon and Seattle, everyone of them said they can’t beat it.

Can any of them come within $1000? You’re going to spend about that much for shipping from CA to OR, plus the time and hassle of out of state registration. Up to you obviously, just keep that in mind.

The quote from CA is about $554/month with MSD and first month as drive off. In OR / Seattle, the least I got was at $670/month with $3k down payment on a 2k lesser MSRP SUV.

Shipping is $700 Or for $400 they can drive the car to Oregon Border and I can pick it up from there.


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