Volvo XC90 Lease #'s: Struggling with Calculator


Thanks in advance for your help. I rec’d the following 36 mo/15k lease offer from a northeast Volvo dealer:

2020 Volvo XC90 T6 Mom - 7 passenger w/ 21"wheels, heated steer/rear seats, car mats, metallic paint (not advance)
MSRP: $60,180
Incentives: Costco $1250 and First Responder $2k
Selling price: $50,553
DAS - $3600 (Tax:1769, gov fees: 437, doc fee 400, acq fee: 995)
Monthly payment: 575

i plugged the numbers into my “manual” calendar (using 58% residual and .00141 MF) and I come up with $571 which is pretty close. When I try to use the leasehackr calendar, I am unable to replicate the numbers. I am guessing the selling price must include the two incentives which may be part of the problem so I added $3250 to the selling price and inserted it in the “taxed incentive” line and I’m still a little off. Monthly payment says $584 and drive off is $3,219 (which includes 1st month payment).

Looking for some more experienced hackers to help me figure this out. I only see a minor discrepancy. The monthly payment is higher and it makes up for the lower drive-off. Does the discrepancy lie in the first month payment not being included in DAS? Is it close enough for you to tell me whether it is a good deal?

Check the Marketplace sub as well as Shared Deals.

Lots of XC90 data points.

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Oops, I made a mistake but still need answers. Forgot to check box to include acquisition fee in down payment.

So what were some of the best pre-incentive discounts you found there?

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Trying - looks like maybe 8.5% for T6. Still looking. Also, I know I qualify for $2k first responder and $1250 costco. Edmunds said there is also a $2000 incentive. So I should plug 3,250 in the taxed incentive box and 2k in the untaxed incentive box?

I don’t know for sure but I’d check broker listings with LH calculator links. That would probably answer your question

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