Volvo XC90 Inscription Help

I am looking at buying a 2019 XC90 Inscription with 4k loaner miles on it.

It looks like they are giving me 12.2 percent off plus a 5500 rebate.

I think this is pretty close to right but let me know if I should ask for more off with it being a loaner.


I’d push for 3-5% more.

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MSRP 68680
Selling price 54775 including 5500 off rebate
3/30k lease
0 Down
MF .00144
1051 DAS including first month

Considering $800 mileage penalty, you get only 11% off.

Where does the mileage penalty show up ? I know you know Volvos better than anyone, what discount do you think I should be shooting for?

Lowers the residual value.

They gave me a screen shot of the lease with the residual value on it, at 59 percent. That would include the $800 hit right? $40,521 value.

Generally the sheet shows a percent and then additional $ knockdown for the loaner mileage.

Will show on the lease sheet as $800. Like mllcb42 said - around 16% or better.


Add msds? 1010

Do MSD’s always lower the MF automatically ?

Yes, that’s the purpose of applying them. The exception being if the mf is already so low they can’t got down further.

at how many miles on a loaner would you start to aim for 16%? If a 2020 had let’s say 100 miles on it?

If a 2020 had 100 miles on it, the car probably isn’t a loaner.

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thanks - at what point is it truly considered a loner then? I’ve seen a few XC90s that are 2020’s listed as loaners by the dealership.

The dealership (likely) isn’t going to take a loaner out of their fleet with only a few hundred miles on it.

@Ursus is the expert, though.

It’s a loaner when dealer puts in loaner fleet. Qualifies for loaner cash at 3 mo/4.5k miles or 6 mo/6k miles. They can still sell it to you at anytime before, but not at the same discount. Most likely at the new car price or a few hundred better. One guy here got an XC60 loaner with 1,500 miles as new because it was not ripe yet.

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Some dealers are punching loaners before they are qualified. Over marking the mileage on the lease contract. Ask me how I know this.

Must be desperate dealers as that is not only against VCFS’s policy, but also breaking the law.

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Don’t they punch them first and then put them in the loaner fleet anyway? Has nothing to do with qualifying for the loaner cash.

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