Volvo XC90 Inscription 2020 Help

I just received the below offer but the monthly seems real high for the after discount and incentives amount. I even tried replicating this on the calculator and can’t get it to match. I was figuring their best offer would have been more in the mid 600s for a 36 month 12k m lease from what I have read with others posting about similar cars. This is my first lease so appreciate any input!

You are looking at a 2020. Most of the deals you are likely seeing are 2019s. They are also including almost $1,000 in random add on items, they are burying the lease cash in the dealer discount, and probably a whole bunch of other stuff you can’t tell from that sheet.

Since you are in the NE, check out what @Bostoncarconcierge @nyclife @aronchi and @AutoNinjas have to offer on their spreadsheets/threads.

Thanks appreciate the reply. I did actually send @nyclife a pm earlier just waiting on a reply seeing that it’s a holiday.

I understand it’s a 2020 but is the spread really close to 200$ a month new 19 vs new 20? These numbers in the offer just don’t seem right to me.

Depending on what trim you were looking at for the 2019, it could be a big spread. A lot of the great deals I have seen were on T6 R Designs because they seemed to have additional lease cash to move that particular model.

Off the top of my head, I didn’t see the same type of deals on the 2019 T6 Momentums or Inscriptions.

That does seem high just looking at it, but I think you need a full lease sheet with a breakdown of all of the details to really evaluate the offer.

Get a 19. Theyre way cheaper. Look at the 66k ones I have posted.