Volvo XC90 E-drive Lease CA. Good deal?


What do you guys think? to me the MF seems high? Payment feels high too.

Please advise. Thanks!

Do you really want to know? Just search here for XC90 and you’ll see a deal for $405/mo on about $60k one

I could not find an identical one on these forums (in terms of E-Drive) and figured different terms apply to different trims.

Not identical, but yours has 30% higher MSRP and 250% higher payment

You’re absolutely right. Just wasn’t sure how to work dem salesman :slight_smile:

Have you contacted other local dealers for quotes on similarly equipped XC90’s? That would be my next step.

Residual is also 10% less on T8’s

Yeah, I didn’t even go there. Just showed high level comparison.

There you go with the fancy schmancy math. Just tell him that for that payment, people were getting quotes for 200k Maybachs last year :slight_smile:

Yeah, that was my second choice :grinning:

Thanks everyone, going to email the guy back.

He also sent me a 36 month quote. See attached.

Why are you even talking to this guy?

I don’t know but I just hate how they’re never transparent (even tho they say they are) and car buying is just a hassle.

He has been pretty quiet ever since I wrote back about the $405 deal though :wink:

How has this dealership not been transparent? The 2 screenshots you’ve shown us have all the neccesssry information for a lease.

When you showed him the $405 deal, what did you say and what do you expect or want to happen?

Probably wrong wording on my end. Should’ve said they always put out their worst deals first. To me that part is not transparent. I understand some people don’t care and bite on the first deal they see. But I think majority of the people do care about their expenses.

The dealer gave you over 9% off MSRP. That’s not a bad start. What kind of deal are you expecting? With an RV of 49% and MF of .00148, I doubt you can get a good deal and there’s nothing a dealer/salesperson can do about that.

Pick a car from his inventory, research discounts off MSRP, incentives, RV/MF. Then enter in calc, see your target price and email it him. This way you show him that you know what you are doing. Not the same as just showing exceptional $405 deal. Just read how much work he did to get this deal.

There’s no way the fuel economy savings will make up for this atrocious payment. Why do you want the hybrid model instead of the gas one?

Check with Costco and on TrueCar

It’s eligible for the HOV sticker which helps a little bit with the commute in LA… the volt/bolt is a bit small for me and are conpletely different vehicles than the T8 Volvo.

Looking for something that is roomy, eligible for the HOV sticker and can pack a family up and go on a trip if needed.

(Don’t have money for a Tesla Model X at all)