Volvo Xc90 ( Deal check)

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Deal check on 2024 Volvo XC90 B6 plus 7 seats

Msrp: $66810
Selling: $61500
Mf: .00186
Das: first months payment
Monthly: $859
Rebates: $3500

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would be sub-8 on that msrp in nj and ny.

With NY tax and higher NJ dealer fees:

Your MF is marked up. The buy rate is .00176

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Msrp: 62510
Selling: 55,500
Term: 24/7500
Residual: 73
Das: taxes doc reg Aq (3500)
Monthly $546
Rebates: 3500 total

I haven’t mentioned msds yet and been having a hard time getting anyone else to discount this much. There’s. Protection charge of $1394 that I’m trying to get removed.

Looks good from wha I have seen around. What are rebates? Loyalty and fleet?

2k fall bonus 1k loyalty 500 A plan

That is something I have not seen before. Is this a new incentive that just got rolled out?

I was told it’s this months fall incentive

I got $65340 msrp car for 550 monthly, 0 DAS with $5500 MSD. 24months/12k miles. GA region.

3250 lease cash, 1000 loyalty, 500 a plan and rest dealer discount. I think you can ask for more miles on the lease.

Updated deal:

Msrp: 62510
Selling $54,705
Mf: .00193
Residual: 73
Term: 24/7500
Das: 3500 (Aq,Reg,taxes,doc)
Rebates: $3500 ( fall 2000 bonus, loyalty, A plan)
Monthly: $496

I will also be applying some msds. Is there anything more to push for?

There is still a bit of meat on the bone. On a 62510 msrp hard loss only starts at 53,087. You still have another ~1700 in room

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You can push for additional 2-3k dealer discount on the car. I have seen them doing 3k+ on the lease cash.

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