Volvo xc90 2018 R desgin

2018 R design in 92118,(So Cal)
I have a money factor of .00075 and Resid of 55% on a 36/15k and 57% on a 36/12 k .
I would rather have the 15k.
there is a 2k dealer allowance and I have Costco. …

I was given (through a friend who is a buyer broker) some crazy ass monthly payment of 950ish.

based on a couple deals that I have seen there has been sub 700/mo deals for similar…

There are several things on the invoice
that are removable such as hitch,protection plus,luggage cover and what is that $600 supplemental advertising fee?

Let me know if you think this is a worthwhile attempt or I will look elsewhere

Here is the dealer invoice on the car:

Nope. Try for 10-12% discount of MSRP. I got a quote from dealer for 625/month for a 59k XC90 and I thought that was bad. This is worse.

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thank you
When you say 10-12% off MSRP do you mean before the Incentives are added in?

Currently there is only $750 off from Costco for XC90. But to answer your question - yes. Negotiate Selling price before adding any incentives.

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Alex’s foundation donation ? What is that ? Only thing I could find online was something setup for Grey parrots.

Yeah , it is $10 I am not going to cry over that one…lol

thank you, that helps. there is also a 2k Volvo/Dealer incentive in So Cal area that they are not showing

Protection package premier is not removable. It is built into the MSRP. Just a full set of rubber mats.


Here is latest offer. Not too good :frowning:

Ask them to look at the real invoice!

Hi Joe. Isn’t the invoice I posted in the initial post on this thread the real invoice? Is there a super secret one I should know about …

That donation thing threw me off, but maybe it is real.