Volvo XC60 T5 Momentum Lease

I just leased the XC60 for my fiance. I don’t think I did very well on the lease. Long story but I was in a hurry and I switched cars in the middle of the process and I think the dealer got one up on me. I don’t normally lease cars, I drive pick ups and buy them used and drive them into the ground. I just want to understand what I left on the table and how I could do better next time.

**MSRP: from the window sticker $50,200
**Agreed upon Price: $46162.42
but, the Gross Capitalized cost was $49929.42 - I got a couple extras - wheel and tire protection, dent, tint, and interior/exterior protection for an extra ~$20/m, the adjusted capitalized cost is $47191.08.
Monthly Payment: $ $600.00
Down Payment: $$1000 + first month payment $600
**MSD: $0
Incentives: $2738.34

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 10,000
**MF: **
**Residual: The purchase option is $28614.00

**Zip Code: 33401
**Leasehackr Score: **
Pre-filled Calculator link:

Why no MSDS? Would save you $40ish a month.

You made your sales person’s month. Congrats on the XC60, nice rig.


Where should I have ended up on this to consider it a decent deal?

I’ll be honest I was a little unfamiliar with the concept. I keep most of my cash invested so I am reluctant to park it in a security deposit for 3 years, though I am seeing that the imputed rate of return is pretty good.

Extras on a lease is total profit for dealer.

With dents and rim damage covered I’ll come out ahead the way my girlfriend drives.


Why did you sign of you thought you weren’t getting a good deal? (I am just curious)

I did the Costco program and thought it was a good deal then did more research after the fact.

In reality you maybe only left $50 on the table. I just did a deal for my in laws on the same car, I think MSRP was like $900 lower though. No MSDs, $1000 out of pocket for $543 a month. That was in April so idk what the incentives are now. There really weren’t any in April.

So don’t stress, enjoy the car!

The XC60 is so new, and in demand, that dealers aren’t making huge deals yet anyways. So… while you could’ve done better, there probably wasn’t that much left on the table at this time.

enjoy the car, it’s a great vehicle.
next time, consider $0 down towards cap cost and using MSD’s. As mentioned in other replies, should save at least $30-$40/mo on that alone. Usually don’t do any interior/exterior protection, but if it gives you peace of mind, so be it :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks. Plus I’m in S Fla where i hear its notoriously difficult to negotiate a good lease. Apples to Apples, I liked the XC60 much better than the other cars I considered (the Q5 especially) and regardless of the “deal” I got vs the MSRP of the car, I felt like I got a lot more car for the money than the Q5. I am not sweating it. I am just one of those guys that likes to get the best deal on principal so I just want to get educated for next time. Surprising my girlfriend with the car at the end of baby shower with a big red bow on the hood and watching her cry with joy made it worth it at any price.


Thank you, that’s the advice I was looking for. Will definitely look at MSD’s next time.

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Some people are happy with just getting a great deal and don’t care about the car. But for most folks it’s a better idea to spend a bit more and get the car you want. FYI, might want to make sure to call fiance fiance not girlfriend consistently, don’t want to get in trouble😉.

Baby mama drama :rofl:

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I’m always in trouble anyway. Hopefully getting her this car buys me a few months of innocence.

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Good move! I got my wife her dream car, a 1964 VW Ghia, on her 50th bday, and it earned me a few points, too