Volvo XC60 T5 Inscription or GLC 300

Hello experts,
Need your advise.I got below quote from a local dealer.
Make & Model : Volvo XC60 T5 Inscription
Color : Black on Blond
MSRP : 55,645$
Term : 36/12k
Religion :North Carolina
MSD : max MSD
payments: 520$/month
Due at sign - just first month payment.
So,total is going to be 520*36 payments for whole lease.
I don’t have any other details to share as dealer doesn’t likes to share work sheet.
I wanted to lease GLC 300 but looks like they are not as good this month compared to last month(15% discount) due to low inventory.So,any thoughts if i wait for one or two months until new stock arrives(2021) can make deals better?Else,just take this Volvo.Thank you

Find a new dealer.

How does this compare to the target deal you put together before talking to the dealer based on the current lease programs that apply to you and researched pre-incentive discount targets?

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How many Volvo dealers you talked to?

I looked at the deals posted by brokers here and I think it matches. But any thoughts if the deals on GLC would be better in coming months after arrival of 2021?

You’re not doing yourself any favors by not taking the time to work out the numbers first.

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If you wanted a GLC, get a GLC. $50/mo less to drive the car you don’t want isn’t a wise lease.


Some dealers are loathe to give you anything in writing. That’s fine, everyone gets to decide how they do business.

But, you can not let the salesperson off the hook. How are you suppose to sign up for a 3 year, $19,000 financial liability based on a handful of figures?

A suggestion for the future - never end a dealer conversation/email without getting the figures you need to build the dealers offer in a lease calculator. Write every important number down. If she doesn’t give you the money factor - ask for it. If he doesn’t tell you which fees they are rolling into your lease - ask. Can’t figure out how they came up with your net cap figure - ask them to break it down. Sometimes, when I keep asking questions they just send me the lease worksheet.

Wait until December if you can. Know what a good deal looks like and jump on it if it comes up sooner.

Dealer website shows 12.1% discount and edumunds shows,MF-0.00048,RV-56%,leash cash-1750$
I did calculation using zero drive of and got 537$/month.I couldn’t find any option to include only first month payment at drive off.

Just one delar

Yea correct but can wait a month or two

Thank you for your time and suggestion

Any feedback on my calculation?

Put -525 in down payment and uncheck zero down. NC tax is 3%, not 6.75%
You can only do 9 MSDs, so the MF is .00003

Thanks for guiding me.May I know how you got -525 number ? Do I need to keep trying till due at sign matches monthly payment ?

To match you DAS to first payment only. Approx total amount of everything else DAS. Also, your $1,750 incentive is untaxed, most likely. These numbers will probably not match dealer’s to a dollar, so just to get pretty close is good enough.

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Edumunds says it’s taxed in NC.

Dealer cash is not taxed pretty much everywhere.

oh ok,my values were incorrect.I just asked on Edumunds.This is what they gave for 24/12k and 36/12k
.00048 and 63% / 56%
$2,250 lease bonus

Each SD will reduce the MF .00005
So,I updated as below.Will check with dealer if this looks good

And for 24 months as below

You are making the same mistake again. With 0.00043 MF you can only do 8 MSDs: 0.00043 - (8 x 0.00005) = 0.00003

Thanks for your patience! I just updated the calculators.Am I correct now?