Volvo XC60: Prime Example of a Garbage Offer

I actually like the XC60, but more than one poster here has mentioned how poorly the Volvos tend to lease.

There’s a dealership close to my job, so I figured I’d check out the car, plus Volvo has the 3 months of payments, free maintenance, etc. going on.

For the guys who are new to this, don’t be surprised when they break out the four square sheet, and then come back with a payment without any other information to provide you about the deal i.e. how they got to that magic number.

Ask them for an itemized breakdown of the payment, they can get it very easily. They won’t let you take that breakdown with you, but I told the saleswoman, who was a complete idiot, that I was just going to take a picture of it so I could “think about it”.

This my friends is a garbage offer, it’s the type of offer that completely insults your intelligence as a consumer, one that I feel justifies you deciding to just take your business elsewhere – this is especially true for those of us who live in a rip-off market such as South Florida.

This is for a 2017 Volvo XC60 T5 Inscription (basically the “base” model), despite the fact they’re currently advertising $419/month for 24 months.


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Lol, you must be some sort of masochist if you continue to visit dealers in South Florida. Absolutely ridiculous, they probably just wanted you to leave quickly so you could free up a parking space for the <600 FICO customers pulling in to the lot that wouldn’t blink at those numbers.


MF is good though at 0.00027 :slight_smile:

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The 50% residual is killing the deal more than anything. The $995 doc fee doesn’t help either.

Also, the national offer of $419 includes $4099 due at signing.

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New to leasing, will someone explain this deal and what makes it so bad? Also, what on this sheet can change to make it a better one?

The deal is actually awesome if you want to be salesperson new best friend…


Think of it this way: what makes a deal good?

A. Discount on vehicle’s selling price from dealer before incentives and/or factory incentives
B. High residual
C. Low money factor

That’s your holy grail.