Volvo XC60 Lease in PA

Received this quote yesterday for a 2020 Volvo XC60 T5 Inscription AWD in PA (19365). I’m told the MF is .00113 and residual is 57%. I’ve requested a breakdown of the discount and haven’t heard back yet. I am not a Costco member, nor do I have loyalty. I’ve tried looking at the deals others are getting, but not finding much in my area without a lot of discounts due to Costco or 1st responder, etc. Hard to know if this is a good deal or not. Your thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Told by the dealer? How does that compare to what Edmunds gave you?

How much is the Volvo allowance/lease cash that’s rolled into that discount?

The MF & resid. match what Edmunds gave me

Waiting on the breakdown of discount from the dealer. Edmunds says $1,750 lease bonus

You’re going to be waiting a long time. They’re very unlikely to break out the lease cash/Volvo allowance. Best bet is to verify off Volvo’s website yourself and subtract from their discount.

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$1750 Lease incentive
$1250 Costco incentive
$2584 sale discount

Is that what they told you? If you’re not a costco member like you mentioned in your first post, you can take that one out. That will get rejected without proof of membership.

Lease cash on that is $750 right now it looks like

Edmunds also confirmed $1750 lease cash - so who knows.

I have a call into Costco Auto as I was a member and allowed it to lapse, I also just upgraded the membership that I got after April 30. They are looking into it to see if they can make an exception.

The question is, taking the lease incentive and the Costco out means the sale discount is only $2,584 I should be able to do better even during these strange time correct?

Yes, significantly. If you can’t get a dealer to do it, there are some great volvo brokers on here

What should I be reasonably targeting off MSRP before incentives with the current market? I don’t want to be unreasonable but do want a good deal.

There are still people getting 10-11% off pre-incentive

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You are counting the Volvo lease cash as incentive as well correct? So we should try to get the 10-11% off then apply lease cash, Costco, etc?

Correct. Volvo allowance/lease cash is an incentive

I let my membership lapse last year as well, I took a shot and logged in to and signed up again. It kept my original sign up date and I was able to print the coupon.

I went through Bendetto (broker) and got one for 399 with 1500 down. I did have first responder and loyalty along with Costco though.

That is very lucky. They never allow that

You’re in my neck of the woods, Pm if you want some leads/help. Lehman isn’t even competing so don’t even put the effort in (8.9% on a 6k loaner, after a convo with gm 12% ‘max’, ugh). I recognized the 5 digit stock #, and the dealer well, tried to hack something 3x now from stillman, try and see how it goes, ymmv.

I personally couldn’t get anything out of stillman, try keystone, or you’re going to have to go to tristate, dmv area for a decent deal (might help with lease cash too, ymmv first responder is less for dmv).

I have a few deals that didn’t work out for me, and that will be nice for you. V90CC loaner for sub 500 first das, with MSDs in Pittsburgh I didn’t take or post. 24/10k I can link a Calc, contact, and send a breakdown if interested.

Note: to anyone reading this, if you dm to ask for it, be serious, the dealer family is local to me, I serve them brunch, and I don’t mess around with my customers.

How do I PM you, your profile is private?

Oops! Turned it off private my fault!

I called and was able to give Costco my previous membership number (expired in 2014) and they issued me the certificate this morning- it was all very easy