Volvo XC60 Inscription $364 + tax

2020 Volvo XC60 Inscription
MSRP: $50,200
Monthly Payment: $364 + tax $28
Drive-Off Amount: $0 ($4k MSDs)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 7500
Incentives: Costco, Educator/First Responder/Medical
Region: SoCal
Leashackr Score:


Selling price? MF?

The contract doesn’t show MF for some reason but the selling price was $41,000 (agreed-upon value of the vehicle). I asked for the monthly $ and they made it happen.

How much were the Volvo allowance/lease cash incentives rolled into that selling price?

Contracts don’t generally show MF, they show rent charge amount, which is the byproduct of the mf.

If you know the rent charge I think you can divide it by the net capitalized cost plus the residual value x 36 (the # of payments) to get the money factor

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MF=(total rent charge / number of periods)/(adj cap cost + RV)


Thanks for the clarification. I always was told to never give a dealer your desired payment but I guess I’m this case if he has no trade there are only so many levers to pull and while he might have left some meat on the bone it sounds like he’s happy with it. I don’t think it’s a bad deal even though that mileage is WAY less than would be practical for me.

It may be a good deal or it may not be. Hard to say without isolating out the pre-incentive discount adjusted for buy rate.

Even if you do payment shop with a dealer, you still need all the numbers to calculate what a good deal is in the first place to be able to reliably and repeatedly get to where you want to be.

That is usually not the recommended play, but it seems decent for that route of negotiation. However, any information on the breakdown of incentives would be very helpful for others.

Seems like a decent deal regardless of how the MF, sales price and RV shake out. Here’s how I calculated it based off Edmunds for a California T5 Inscription:

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Seems like a pretty good deal with no down payment.
Enjoy the car! I love my XC60 Inscription (even just looking at it in the driveway since I have nowhere to go right now).

Get additional $500 bonus drive. Free money.

The Lease on my Infiniti QX60 is up in a few weeks, so I’ve been looking at cars. The top two contenders for me thus far have been the 2020 Acura RDX and 2020 Volvo XC60, the latter being the one I was leaning towards more strongly. I was always under the impression that Volvo was an extremely high quality car, with great safety features, good performance, and at least decent reliability. But today, coincidentally just as I was on my third test drive of the XC60, my friend sent me a link to a Forbes article where Volvo placed dead last (#29) on a reliability list. This was disheartening to say the least, especially when I consider that the vehicle I’m considering is $70k… Has my perception of the brand been skewed due to their reputation from the 70’s and 80’s? Companies are always changing, but it really seems like the Volvo of today isn’t the Volvo of yesterday which built its name and reputation on A+ reliability and safety. Now I’m not sure what to do… After weeks of looking at several cars and wasting countless hours, mostly atomegle Volvo and Acura dealerships, I’m completely reconsidering going the route of Volvo. Wondering what alternatives you guys might suggest… BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Land Rover, Lexus? I know they’ll all have higher maintenance costs, but they all place significantly higher on this particular list.

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You’ll be fine… Volvo wasn’t that great back then and it isn’t that bad now

IDK what stupid list put it below Mitsubishi and all the FCA brands

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II don’t know anything about Volvo, but Forbes isn’t Forbes any more. It’s mostly clickbait.


With 36-month or 48-month warranty these days, you are going to be covered with a leased car. And premium brands like Volvo/BMW will provide free loaners if the car is in service. We haven’t had any issues with BMW or Volvo. Go with the car that you like. Leasing allows you to try a car for two or three years; if the car is bad, warranty takes care of it and you walk away at the end of the term. If the car is great, you have the option of buying it when the lease ends.

This is indeed a great deal!

We were also considering the same two cars. I honestly have talked to some recent Volvo owners and they seem happy with the cars. I think either are compelling and the Volvo seemed nicer to me from an interior standpoint. This lease deal the OP has is very good I think even though the miles are low

I don’t know… we’ve had our loaner S60 lease for 5 months and we need to take it in for a malfunctioning headlight assembly. It hasn’t even hit 4k miles yet, and the center console is already throwing errors, malfunctioning headlight assembly. Our dealer assured us it’s under warranty and it will be handled. We’re getting a V60CC as our loaner too, hype. Our appointment’s booked for June 8th.