Volvo XC60 - Deal in MD

This is a pretty bad deal - granted this is the starting point. I feel like I could finance this for as much as the lease.

I’m confused. Didn’t your last thread say you were tired of perpetual payments and wanted to buy something for $20k?

Yes, I was just looking because I want out of my Subaru. The engine light keeps coming on and I am having to add more oil frequently. Took it in for service they say to just keep adding oil. It only has 15k miles.

How does another lease get you out of this cycle of payments?


  1. Standard A plan offer, 6% plus the measly $750 in A plan bonus cash. My understanding is dealers are still able to go past 6% as of May so you need to push for more discount, nothing less than 10%.
  2. MF is marked up. Example: T5 Momentum MF (quote#2) is .00059

I would just move on.

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Wow I thought they fixed the issue with the boxer engine going through oil like crazy. Apparently not. Not sure why Subarus have a reputation for reliability when the engines burn oil like crazy

Yea I even opened a case with Subaru of America per the dealership request. When I took it in for the 2nd time they told me to call them since they buy it back sometimes. No such luck and all they offered was a $500 service voucher which is pointless because everything is under warranty.

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MF should be .00077 on T6 and .00059 on T5 (@Siejammy pointed it out). Go to PA/NJ for better incentives. NER has extra $1k on XC60.

RE: Subaru - lucky me, never had any issues with my Foresters, but I’ve heard about oil issues. I guess your Outback feels no love from you :slight_smile:

Nope, it must have known I was trying to get out of it and is now acting up. LOL

I am shopping for a new Outback 2.5i and the chatter about oil consumption gives me pause. I keep hearing “oh they fixed that years ago” and then “no they didn’t”.
Might have to just get the car I want, an XC60 :smiley:

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That’s what I said :slight_smile: