Volvo XC60 Deal Check

Working on a deal for a T5 Inscription with Advanced and a couple other small add-ons

Here’s the deal for 36/10k:

MSRP: $53145
Pre-Incentive: $47198
Incentives: $3250
MF: .00088
RV: 59%
Dealer Fees: $799

$499/month (inclusive of tax). $0 drive-off plus first two months covered (and should be eligible for further $500 bonus drive not included in calculations).

Dealer Fees are on the high side (quotes from others in the area have ranged from $599 to $899) but was aiming to get under $500 with $0 DAS and from looking at other threads (and calling all the dealers in the area) this was by far the best offer that’s been put on the table

If the incentives/MF check out, it doesn’t look bad. MSDs will make it better

MF checks out with Edmunds (and same MF quoted by all the dealers across the state). Same with incentives – they appear to check out. They quoted me as having $1250 (Costco), $1500 lease bonus, $500 (loyalty) to reach that $3250.

All was in line with another dealer that has the exact same car spec (down to the interior/exterior color) but was quoting me at $519/month and showed me an invoice (appears to be real – says “Volvo Cars USA LLC Invoice at the top” and shows the retailer and financing bank for the underlying car) claiming that the $519/month price point put them at $1750 into holdback so this one should be even deeper into holdback (same state for both dealers just different parts of the state and the GM at this one claimed this was going to be a painful sale on their end).

Will look to add MSDs to improve before closing. Haven’t signed the dotted line yet and have put out a “final opportunity” to a couple of other dealers in the state who have been giving me quotes to see if anyone can beat this but assuming this is going to be the best I’ll see and frankly only have so much time to spend on this and am ready to get it done.